Wednesday, 27 January 2010

The Creative Juices Overflow...

Well i must say i am totally overwhelmed at the whole One World One Heart experience,
It's huge.. and i've been blog hopping on and off all afternoon and evening and i'm still only at about 200 lol
It's gonna take forever to get round everyone in time.
But it is truely amazing to see all the different arts out there, without events like this i'd ever come across such things as the wonderful clay art dolls and handmade glassware to name a couple.
I'd like to thank everyone who's entered so far and to anyone who's sent me mail, thank you too {sorry i've not had time to reply}
I have been totally inspired and lots of creating of my own is being done, I now have about 4 or so pieces finished ready to photograph but its finding the time, i'm too busy starting the next piece so how can you win, you gotta go with the flow sometimes, even if it takes you over the waterfall !!
I promise to blog at least one piece by the weekend, and as this is my altered blog it will be a fitting piece!
♥ HUGZ ♥

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Lucy Edmondson said...

Love your altered style, Minxy!

Lucy x