Thursday, 29 July 2010

Winning Smile!

Another week, means another Compendium of Curiosities challenge, this time it's Tinted Vision... with alcohol inks.. see instructions from page 55.
While hunting round for an image i came across a cracking photo of my bessie mate so decided to use it...i made a card but it looks more like it could be a small scrapbook page.. i think i may just have to use it for her birthday in a few months time lol
Right must dash.. have to get to the post office amongst other things..
Happy Creating
♥ HUGZ ♥

Wednesday, 28 July 2010


Hello Julia and fellow nosey parkers... Can't believe i've missed the past couple of woyww's but 'project craftroom' is just not ready to be unveiled yet, I finally received the last cupboard today so once thats in and i've had a good old sort out i should be set to reveal next week. 
So here instead of my desk, is a sneaky look at my new pine wall unit

Home to all my embellishment caddies and designer 'coffee and ikea' jars lol
Right i best crack on, not only do i have a ton of sorting to do but also a lotta desks to visit too
Happy Creating
♥ HUGZ ♥

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Quad Challenge!

Hay blogland, I'm still here.. just not had much free time, and the time i have had i've spent faffing doing the boring stuff like washing and sorting etc.. 
So todays tag is is a monster challenge piece combining 4 of the babies into one.. not wanting to miss out and all.. It includes  
Sunday Stamper ' Believe and/or Journey'
Compendium of Curiosities 'Multi-Medium Collage'
Theme Thursday 'Vintage and Tags'
Lots To do 'Shapes' {and last weeks too which was 'Stitching'}
I shaped my tag using one of my alterations 'on the edge' dies, Inked the base with victorian velvet and bundled sage, then i rubbed some vintage photo on my craft sheet and spritzed with a gold perfect pearl water mix , i used this to ink my dotty background stamp and stamp onto my tag. I also embossed some dots using my cuttlebug. I stamped some stitches either side of the embossing and embellished with a selection of paper roses and lace, I covered a maya road mini butterfly shape following timmys instructions from the book page 66, stamped the word believe, and edged the whole tag with gold to finish it off.
Oh a quick update for those wondering... 'Project craftroom' still isn't quite complete and i don't wanna reveal all till its all looking prim and proper, I finally have the last cupboard being delivered next wed so here's hoping i can join in with woyww {which i have missed for a couple of weeks now} and show you all my new and wonderful space.
Right thats all for now, Happy Creating.
♥ HUGZ ♥

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Workin 9 till 5..what a way to make a livin!!!

Oh i wish.. try 12 hr night shift!!!
{ok so now your either singing Dolly Parton or The Commodores lol}
Well its another long working week for me, so hence another quick card to share, I hate it when real life gets in the way of my crafting but i guess someones gotta earn the money to pay for all my stash needs lol
This is another simple stamp and ink jobby using my beautiful Pucinni's Muse and Floral Silhouette stamps + broken china and dusty corcord distress inks.
Simples but very effective don't ya think!
Right i best get my butt in gear, Have a fab week whatever your up to !!!
Happy Creating!
♥ HUGZ ♥

Saturday, 17 July 2010

A Cheeky Card...+ candy winners.

So i was having a bit of a play, with yet another tag.. I came across some of the inky papers i had made not too long ago, and decided i would turn one into a postcard, but as i was working i happened to lay the pieces down on top of one another and thats when the tag became a card, it just looked right so i ran with it.
With a bit of stamping {Nude with ShortsOpen Zip and Ephemera #1 all from the Artistic Stamper} some random doo-dads in the form of a broken zip end and dismantled necklace flower finished with a bit of lace frill the card was complete.
 Thats another one to add to the WOYWW easel
{Thank you Julia and Mr Dunnit...Mine arrived safe and has pride of place on my windowsill xx} 
Right now thats been shared i can tell you what you all really wanna know..
..Who's Won Minxy Surprize Candy..
1st Prize goes to ...
Who wins this ...
Super Shabby Chic Stash Holder
2nd Prize goes to ...
Who wins this...
Bag of Random Treats

3rd Prize goes to ...
Who wins this...
Assortment of handcrafted by Me art!

If all my lovely winners could contact me with there snail mail addresses i'll get your goodies off to you asap.
I'd like to thank everyone for playing along and sorry you all couldn't win.
♥ HUGZ ♥

Friday, 16 July 2010

Singing the Blues!

Another week has almost passed so i managed a trio of challenges combined into one tag.
Tag Tuesday 'Hearts'

Sorry for the brief post but it's 3am and i'm about to hit the sack!
xx Have a Crafty Day xx
♥ HUGZ ♥

Monday, 12 July 2010

The I.M Challenge

I was chatting via instant message to my friend Alison over the weekend and she said she was lackin in inspiration so we decided to challenge each other to make a card..
There were 3 challenges that she picked to incorperate which were
Gingersnap Chestnut theme Challenge – 'Heat'
Lots to do – 'People and/or places'
Paperbag Studios – 'Flowers'
And here is what i created...
As you can see it's not my usual style but i kinda like it, just wishing i had used a coloured card as i'm not loving the white, but i guess i can always give it a bit of an inking.
You can check out the card Alison made HERE
I'd like to say thank's to Alison, She is always an inspiration to me, and can always get me crafting. We often chat via MSN {or SKYPE} as a live in the middle of nowhere with only 1 'Crafty' friend living nearby..
Instant messenging is like having her in the room and i really enjoy having someone to craft with. So thanks hun...

Don't forget.. there is still time to join in my candy.. and just for those that dont like s'prizes here's a sneeky peek of 1 of the prizes
Happy Crafting
♥ HUGZ ♥

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Tag Team...

Ok so all the decorating is done, most of the new furniture is in {although waiting on a couple more units} 
The desk is partially set up which means i could finally have a little play with my stash as was getting withdrawal. 
And just in time too {as c.o.c.c will have a new challenge on monday}.. 
This is my Shabby Chic effort for the COC challenge.. Page 49 this time I believe.
I painted my tag using Snow Cap and overpainted with Lettuce.. At first it was a bit hit and miss as my embossed bit was picking up all the green so i let a dry {obviously didn't leave it long enough the first time} and then buffed it clean. I finished by giving it a bit more distress with a few swishes of snow cap once i'd stamped all the black images.
The next tag i made was for week #25 of the UK Stampers weekly challenge.
It has to include..
1. Something Shiny
2. Numbers
3. Stamped image of a child.
base coat on tag is PT 'walnut' ink
Girl image..{tim stamp in memento black}.. check
numbers..{tim alphabet die}.. check
shiny.. enamel accents over numbers.. check
plus some filmstrip and wording,{both tim dies}to finish
If you want a chance to own these tags I will be sending both off for this months Art Raffle as the theme this month is 'Tags' so hop on over.. You can win, but only if you join in!
♥ HUGZ ♥

Friday, 9 July 2010

Nothing new...

Well except for the whole of my craftroom but i'm talking Art..
As i've had no real time to play i thought i'd share a piece i made a while ago and just haven't got round to blogging.. It's a card, sent for a friends birthday.
All i used was mustard seed distress and memento black and a few tim and paperbag studio stamps.
The bee that is centred is stamped onto acetate just for a little interest.
Well thats my short and sweet post for today.. I should be getting delivery of my new desk today so inkyness i am hoping will ensue shortly after this happens.. watch this space..
Enjoy the sun xx 
♥ HUGZ ♥

Wednesday, 7 July 2010


Those of a nervous disposition please look away now..
what I'm about too share to you my nosey parker friends
 is What's On My Workdesk
and i think it may shock some of you..
Are you ready to see...
are you sure now..
Last chance to look away....
TA DA!!!!

Oh the horror...
Nothing on it, around it, under it!
This photo was actually taken on monday before it was taken apart for 'project craftroom'
The room has been painted and new carpet laid {thank goodness as you can see i had a bit of a horrid mismatch from the previous owners} the rest of the flat looks like a hurricane has hit it but hay.. you can't rush perfection.. I have some new bits of furniture, one piece coming today and the rest are on back order as typically now i want things there out of stock till next week!!!
Julia i know how you feel.. my holiday has pretty much been all work work work,
but at least I'm not AT work! lol Enjoy the rest of your days off x {oh and did you receive my e'mail, i really need an easel as I'm getting totally jealous that everyone has one but me! lol}
Right I'm afraid thats it until next week.. and maybe something more interesting to view.. Happy snooping.
Oh and if you like NICE surprises then please join in my secret candy..
just click the dice in my sidebar for details x
♥ HUGZ ♥

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Home is Where the Heart Is...

Just a quickie today.. before all the chaos of decorating i started a little piece, and today before everything has to be packed away i decided to finish it and also join in with a few of my favorite challenges
Alter It Monthly 'Home Sweet Home'
Lots To Do 'Crowns or Hats'
Sunday Stamper 'Rhinestones'
This was Inspired.. ok practically copied from his Lordship Tim, courtesy of the tutorial on his blog the other day. Not sure if i will just add something to hang it by, or make it into something bigger.. I guess i'll decide that another time.
Right I'm actually sneaking away from the decorating today to go strawberry picking and then for a nice roast din dins at Tony's parents house... They also have some crates to lend me to box up the rest of me stash. o i best be off.. Don't forget to enter my candy.. you wont be disappointed if you like 'Shabby Chic' is all I'm saying!
♥ HUGZ ♥

Saturday, 3 July 2010

The Chaos Begins! and secret candy

Hello World.. How are we all this fine morning...
Firstly i would like to say Hello and Welcome to my flourish of new followers {and Hay to the older one's too}
I am always touched when someone decided to follow my blog, And if i can inspire just one of you to make or try something new then it's totally worth my time..
Unfortunately over the next week or so the service from my blog may be somewhat patchy
{what do you mean thats what it's like normally}
 anyways I'm just about to tackle the horror of having to pack up my stash so i can get started on the transformation of my craft space. This was s'posed to start a few days ago but we ended up re-arranging the front room first lol
Sooooo I'm gonna have a bit of a candy giveaway to make up for it.
There will be 3 prizes but unfortunately you won't know what there are until the winners are announced
So are you brave enough to enter???
Like a Surprise??
Then leave your name in the comments section.. And post a link to my candy on your blog. {you can copy and paste the pic above} and thats it.
I hope to get on my blog and post when i can but please be patient.. as they say.. Rome wasn't built in a day..
Ta Ra for now xx
♥ HUGZ ♥