Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Random Inking

This is just a little random project i made with some left over alcohol inked paper.
I housed the finished piece in a plastic photo keyring.

The wording reads " You make me believe in myself"

Sunday, 29 March 2009

March Birthday Cards

Well a couple of them as i forgot to take pics of all the cards i made this month
{i was a bit behind and rushed!}

xx Hugz xx

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Late Object D'Art OR Todays LTD challenge..oh and a spot of Candy

OK so i'm a few hours late for the box challenge over on the Object D'Art Blog as this weeks new performance has been announced which is MIRROR's....

But i am however on time for today's newly announced challenge over on Lots to Do which is LITTLE BOXES

I Started off with a simple little gift box

Changed the way the lid opened, gave it few coats of gesso, added some colour, a nice clasp and some lace

and lined the inside base with orange felt, and hay presto, one altered box.
I am offering this wee box {which will be stuffed full of secret treats by the way}
as my first BLOG Candy
Thought it was about time as a thank you to all my visitors
I've just noticed my blog is nearly 1 year old on the 9th April
So all you need do is leave me a comment before the 9th
{and a link on your blog to my candy if you so wish}
and i'll draw a winner out
on my BLOGOVERSARY {around 9pm ish}

Thanks for stopping by and good luck
xx Hugz xx

You made my day

Just wanted to say a big big thanks to all who were kind enough to send me a birthday card

This is the fantastic card my partner Tony made me,

and below are all the rest i recieved

My thanks in no particular order go out to Hels, Alison, Claire, Linda, Andrea, Tracey, Joy, Sam, Rachel, Hilda, Claire, Shazza, Bee, Karen, Shaz, Wendy, Gillian, Chrissie and Ange.

Each and ever one made my day just that little bit more special
Thank You xx

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Perfect Birthday

I had the coolest birthday ever.
I got to go to the Exmoor Falconry & Animal Farm
Birds of prey have always been of interest to me, i could sit for hours just watching them glide about, but really wanted to get up close and learn a bit more about them so my lovely partner Tony suggested it for my birthday.
We got up early, Tony popped out
to pick up some lunch and
came back with a mini birthday cake for me,
aw bless...
In hindsight i wish i'd wished for no wind
but i'll get to that in a bit...
We got to the farm about 11am after getting a tad lost by missing the turn off!
It was well hidden in a one of the many dips that is exmoor national park.
We paid and were told to just wander around at our own pace and enjoy the day.
It wasn't a very big place to be honest and after a quick look about meeting some pigs, donkeys, alpaca and a few other farm animals it was time for the indoor owl show at 11.30
Here is where it got fun
We were introduced to 5 different owls, there was a short slide show with commentary for each owl, the keeper then brought out each respective bird and they flew about the barn while we were told some more about them, there was a post right by us so a number of times they were no more than 15 inches from our heads which was SO cool.
The last owl they brought out was Snoopy who is an Indian Eagle Owl and he flies for charity, so basically you donate some money and you get to hold him, the keeper puts some food on the glove your holding and he flies to you.

When the show had finished we went and sat in the car to have our packed lunch, we would have found a nice spot and sat outside like a picnic only the wind had picked up and not only was it feeling like 80mph but the chill factor felt like minus-50! lol
At 2.30 there was an outdoors display ... yes we braved it, and yes we both froze but it was so worth it.
They were unable to fly some of the smaller birds as the wind was so strong it would have whisked them away but we got to meet 3 of the bigger birds, again with the keeper talking us through each bird.
I asked the keeper if we would have the same chance to hold one of the bigger birds and was told it's not normally something that they did but he'd see what he could do for me.
As you can see from the pic below my cheeky request was sorted, and i again happily put a nice donation in the charity fund to do it.
What a wonderful way to spend a Birthday!

I shall definitely be visiting this place again, and if you like birds of prey you should visit too x

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Happy Mothers Day

Here is the card i gave
to my lovely mum
for mothers day
Love you Mum x
& a happy mothers day to all mums out there
hope your all having a lovely day x
I used the double stamping technique demoed by Jennie on her blog, using alcohol inks and i used one of her nude lady stamps available @ The Artistic Stamper and the hearts are Invoke Art.
{the pic really doesn't do it justice, it looks better in the flash, honest!}
xx Hugz xx

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

An Awarding feeling

I am always truely greatful when i recieve an award, it really makes my day to know the art i'm creating inspires and is liked by others.
I want to say a big thank you to Hels for this lovely award... Although i'm not passing it on to you as you have it already but your definatly in my top 10 too xx
Now the Hard part, who's in my top 10.....
I think i have to go on who inspires me the most so the following peeps come collect your award..
Well thats 5.. i'll have to have a think about the rest as some of the people i would of picked already have the award...
....to be continued!

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Card Central

I've been a busy little bee this month.
It seems everyone and his dog has a birthday in march, me included!
Not to mention mothers day.
So as you can imagine i've been making lots of cards, {something i might add I've had trouble with of late}
I've kinda lost my style when it come to cards and am far more at home getting inky and messy on an altered projects, but i've bitten the bullet so to speak and have cracked on and tried my best.. and here is the result.. well one of them at least.... i cant share the rest in case certain people are lurking... but more cards will follow soon...
xx Hugz xx

Monday, 9 March 2009

sneek peek/shameless plug!

As some of you may have seen from the new link, I have now started to sell a few of my bits on Folksy
I hadn't really thought to sell my work but a few friends suggested it, so i'm giving it a try... and that's why there hasn't been much blogging going on, but as you can see i have been busy creating!

These are just a couple of the bits i have up for sale now {hint.. hint.. PMSL!}

xx Thanks for stopping by xx

Saturday, 7 March 2009

And now for something completely different...

I've had the mammoth task of making up my best friends wedding invitations.
{She's getting married in September and i'll be a bridesmaid, just got the dress and shoes delivered for trying on, so all go here lol}
I started them way back in the middle of last year.
After doing invitations once before, and wanting to kill someone by the end as the repetition was driving me mad i wanted to try and space this lot out, make up elements in batches, like cutting the card one session, tying the ribbons and ring another session to break it all up, but never the less it still ended up driving me round the twist, but i now have the pleasure to say i have completed 50 of the 80 i need to make {the last 30 are the evening invites}
There quite simple in design but were still alot of work.
And here they are.... phew...

For the inserts i wanted to jazz up the plainness so i punched the bottom of each one with one of my fiskers border punches, and added a little heart peel-off to each envelope.

There all batched up and ready to be shipped out Monday... now to crack on with the rest...!!
xxHugz xx

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Stampboard Brooch Swap

I'm taking part in a swap held by Sid over on UKStamper to alter a piece of stampboard and make it into a brooch.
Here is my efforts...

I actually had alot of fun trying to make the piece as un-like just a piece of stampboard as possible, which was quite hard but i think it turned out ok
I hope whoever ends up with it is happy :O)

xx Hugz xx