Thursday, 29 May 2008

Fathers day sorted

I've been a good girl this year and have got myself organised.
I have done both my Dad's and Tony's (my OH's) Dad....
I figured as i was probably gonna send some cash
for my dad to have a little drinkie on me,
that i would make a card fitting for such a gift...
ah voila the wallet card was born...

It opens and closes just like a proper wallet with a fully working popper you would use on clothes, just popped on with the use of my trusty Crop-a-dile.
It also has a proper wallet holder so when open you really can put the money in it like a real wallet. And i hand stitched it together for a more realistic feel

I am so happy with the way this turned out, just hope my Dad does aswell.


The card i made for Tony's Dad, as you can see, is rather a clocky theme, he has a clock in every room of there house almost, and we have just got another one for him lol, so i thought it only fitting a clock card to match the gift, plus it gave me a chance to have another play with the great time/clock stamps i got at my Stamp Connection/artistic stamper workshop @ Ally Pally last month.

The background was stamped and masked and then stamped again and so on till i pretty much had the page covered and was happy with the result. I then stamped and coloured the grandfather clock, and once dry i added crackle glaze and some gold to highlight almost like a guilding effect, just so it looked aged.
I made the card a little different in the folding to really focus on the clock one side and the wording the other, which was printed out on acetate, edged with Krylon copper and attached with brads.

Lets just hope the dads like my offerings

xxx Hugz xxx

So much to blog... so little time lol

As some of my friends know i am going in for a minor Op tomorrow on my wrist, so i thought i would try and blog a few of my recent bits while i have full use of my hand, I'm pretty sure it won't stop me once it's done, but i am gonna try and rest it for the first week at least.. well maybe the first few days lol.

Anyway i digress lol..
Here are a few cards i have made for up coming birthdays.
All of the above a just stamped and coloured in images, matted and layered, with the exception of this one which i stamped onto a blank jigsaw b4 matting.
I am quite liking this bunch even thought they weren't exactly brain busters, but sometimes needs must and there is always a place in my heart for a quick card or 3 lol
xxx Hugz xxx

Scrapbook Virgin!

Well i was until the other day...

Scrapbooking has been one of those things that i have really wanted to get into for a while but have been scared.. don't ask me why, i have no rational explaination but i just was.
Anyway.. a friend came over last week for our fortnightly craft day and we both decided that the theme of the day would be scrapbooking.
No getting away from it, i had to face my fear lol
I had a good old rumage around on the net (mainly blogs) to find a whole bunch of sketches,
I copyied and pasted some from various places, added about 6 to an A4 sheet, which i then cut out and added to a jar. Mixed then all up and then plucked one out to get me started.

I have to say for all the people who do these sketches you are life savers, without these little templates, what i'm about to show you would of been 2 blank bits of 12x12 paper lol, instead i followed each sketch and created 2 pages which i am super chuffed with.

The first one is my beloved OH, hard at it in the garden, he was extreamly pleased with himself after completing the shed.

This first template was compliments of

(think it was ment for a mothers day card, but hay it works good for 12x12)

I used DCWV papers as a base, i traced some chipboard letters i have for the title SHED, and then cut out the letters from some freebie paper so as not to waist the chipboard, and the HEAD was some thin chipboard letters which i painted snow cap using a dabber and then a touch of hazelnut, again in dabber form, to give a distressed almost wood effect. Added some tape measure tape i have down the sides, and finished with another freebie tag thingy.


The second layout i picked was just another 1 photo jobby so i picked one of me, my mum and my gran (rest her sole), not the most fantastic of pics but i like it and it's one 1 of very few of us all together.
Template compliments of (well ----- i'm not to sure as cant read the label who it's by, sorry,

If it's your sketch let me know so i can fill in the blank and also say thanks)

I used a selection of Basic grey papers and DCWV papers, stamped the swirl (from one of my 12x12 fancy pants stamp sets) onto acetate, as i really wanted a reverse of the way it stamped, plus the acetate is just another little extra element to the page. and the flowers were again stamped using the FP flowers stamp in 2 sizes onto patterned paper, and cut out. I finished with a chipboard No.3, inked up with walnut distress ink and old typewriter lettering keys from a Tim Holtz cd to read generations and a couple of photo

My friend managed a whole heap of pages, 5 or 6 i think but i am very chuffed with my 2, i feel i have got them how i want them and am looking forward to another days scrapping soon.

xxx Hugz xxx

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

It's like the oscars here

I got another award {well actually i got it twice} and i'm sooo chuffed.....
I would like to say a massive thanks to both Andrea & Mezza, it's so sweet of you both and i really appricate it xxx

As instructed i have to pick 5 peeps... oh this is a hard one...
There are others i would have picked but i see you already have the award, you talented things you xxx


This award was originally designed by Eseya at Arte y pico so please display the image in your post.
1. U have to pick five favorite BLOG SITES that U think earned this award based on their creativity, design, interesting material, and contribution to the blogging community.

2. List the names of the site owners on your blog with a links to their blogs.
3. Leave a comment on one of their posts to let them know of the award.
4. Each winner has to show the award, and put the name of the person who gave it to them, with a link to their blog too.
xxx Hugz xxx

Saturday, 24 May 2008

I got my 1st award

I would just like to say a
to Claire
for my very first award
I'm well chuffed
You Rock too hunny xxx
I dont know what the score is with passing on awards so i shall just pass it on to
1 other who's blog i think rocks - LindaE - who in turn can do the same,
think thats fair.
(sorry if it's not done this way, i'm relativity new to all this blog lark)

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Pick me Pick me

There seems to be a mountain of blog candy on offer from lots of lovely generous peeps

There's some scrummy stuff from Lil Deb's i definatly wouldn't say no to.
Kath's got a "100 posts" blog offer not to be missed.
There's mystery Candy @ Craftling's Oh i love surprizes.

To name a few...
Having not entered for any blog candy's before i hope i have done this right with the linky and such.
Please don't follow the links as i'll have more chance of winning if you don't PMSL
Only joking SunshineGood luck everyone

...Oh just found another i must enter,
check out Heidi's Candy offer, these images are soooo cute.
...make that 2 as Michelleo has a nice little prize up for grabs too.

xxx Hugz xxx

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Hel's Angels Tag Swap

This is just one of the Tags i have made for a monthly swap i do, again with my fellow Angels.

This month the subject is Oriental, and well lets just say i was in my element, i adore all things oriental, and having struggled with the last few months topics, this month i was happy as a crafter with new stash, and managed about 5 or 6 (these can be seen in my bucket)

I used 3 of my absolute fav stamps on this one, Lotus by Stampington & Co, Brush Butterfly and Wings by Penny Black, also used is the Martha Stewart Gothic Alphabet.

This wasn't excatly a hard tag to do, i started with a handmade white tag 6" x 3"
Stamped the lotus lady down one side using Black archival, and then stamped and cut out the brush butterfly in black soot distress ink from a seperate piece of white card, which i attatched to the edge of the tag with silicone glue.
The second side was covered with a paper i printed from one of the many papers cd's i have, i think this one was a Craftymizz one. Again stamped the wings (tatty moth) on a seperate bit of card using black soot and cut and mounted with silicone. I lightly edged all the way round with a bit of cut and dry foam and black soot disrtess ink, and the wording, which finished the tag off, i choose mainly from looking at the 2 penny black stamps and thinking that it is always the butterfly that gets all the attention, but a moth is just as beautiful if you take the time to look.

Take for examply this beauty, It is a Giant Moth, i had to get a pic when i visited a butterfly attraction last year
I know alot of us struggle with the way we look in some form or another
but you should always remember
Tall or Short
Fat or Thin
Your real Beauty
Lies Within
xxx Hugz xxx

Friday, 16 May 2008

ME 2 U

I am part of a swap with my fellow Angels called Me to You.

Basically i have to make something each month to send to the person below me on the list of swappers, i do this every month, and in turn every month i also recieve something from a swapper doing the same. This month was my turn to send to the Host of the swap Claire.
The first thing i did was to alter a mini board book.
I covered the book using the denim adirondack alcohol ink and silver mixitive, stamped the D (stampers anonymous stamp) using black archival ink, the high lighted it with glossy accents, i applyed some faded jeans crackle paint around the edges, and finished with a funny little piece of metal that looked like a handle that i found, attatched with 2 brads that i painted using a silver dabber, i also used the dabber to run over the metel handle to get rid of the rust look.
Inside i covered the first page with paper from Crafty Individual, and stamped a little message with an arrow pointing to the other page. I added some swirls using a stamp and a silver dabber.
Now this is where i kinda changed things up a bit, instead of doing it as a book, i glued the remainder of the pages together, and then cut a hole into the pages to place an item in, leaving a bit that acts like a door, so the item inside the book is a secret until opened. Almost like "the gun in the bible" like you see in old films lol. I decorated the door page by just using faded jeans distress ink and again used the silver dabber to stamp some swirls around the door. I used vintage photo distress ink on a brown cardstock cut to size and stuck on for the door, and stamped "LOOK" onto it. I added a brad and bit of ribbon so it could be opened easly.

Behind the door stuck into the gap, which i had again coloured using the silver dabber, i added an altered domino i had done using an invoke art stamp and coloured with sharpie markers.
Not bad for a first attempt on a board book i think :O)

The second thing i made was a Clock.

I altered a CD using caramel, wild plum and eggplant alcohol inks for the base colour.

I then stamped the wording CRAFT TIME using a black archival ink, which while it was still wet i rubbed over with a wet wipe.
Why did i do this, i hear you ask, after just stamping it... well doing this removes the black and alcohol ink below but leaves the letters intact, so you get a negetive kinda image, and in this case it allows the sparkle of the cd to come through. (not that you can see in the pic lol)

I highlighted the wording uing glossy accents and added a tiny clock face to the middle, of which i attached the actual clock movement throught a hole in the center, as the movement covered up most of the mini clock face image, i added number peeloffs so the time could be read properly.

(same clock in both images but in different light)
I was very happy with the way this turned out and think i shall be making a few more. I have been told by Claire that she was very happy with both pieces which make me smile.
xxx Hugx xxx

Ding Ding Round 2 - Tagged again!!!

Here we go again, been tagged my that pesky Pinkle again
Here are the Rules:
1. Link back to the person that tagged you.
2. Post these rules on your blog.
3. Share six unimportant things about yourself.
4. Tag six people at the end of your entry.
So here are my 6 completly useless facts......
1. As a kid i absolutly loved Beating (and i mean loved Beating )
Beating Corey Haim Beating
2. I used to have a cat Cat 17 called sammy
3. I now have Tropical fish Fish
4. I am the most sarky bird Bird On Head you will meet, i know they say scarcasium is the lowest form of wit, but do i care lol
5. I am a certified RaverRave Girl, when going out (even now) i dress up in fluffy boots and cyber gear.
I love to dress up.
6. I LOVE LOST, my OH brought me a DVD recorder just so i wouldn't miss it coz i work the nights it's on, bless him.
OI WAKE UP Sleeping pmsl
The following peeps have the pleasure of going throught this now, SORRY! lol
xxx Hugz xxx

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Card Creations

I am finding it hard to produce cards, this was mainly what i did untill about a year ago when i discovered altered art and how much fun it can be. Anyway, since starting my altered journey i have found it increasingly difficult to think of ways to incorprate my inky messy side into my cardmaking. I have made a few cards reciently that i am quite happy with though, and i thought i would share them...... What do you think ?

xx Hugz xx

Hosted Domino Swap

I reciently hosted a swap over on CraftSwap, here are the dominoes i altered.

I used alcohol inks for some of the backgrounds, a range of different stamps and sharpie markers to colour in, finished with both glossy and/or matt accents. I had alot of fun doing these little works of art.

xx Hugz xx

Canvas Club * 1st Swap

Yep you guessed it, yet another canvas, well i cant help it there addictive lol

This is the first, hopefully of many, canvas swaps.
Made especially for Hels
It is extreamly relevant to her as, if you've a regular to her blog you will know she is a Train driver.
I used vintage photo and walnut stain distress inks for the background, along with an expresso dabber and some distress embossing powders also in vintage photo. I tore a piece of Tim Holtz paper for one corner covered in glossy accents, added several junkitz tiles also using Tim's paper and glossy accents to stick. The largest of which i stamped the front bit of a train using black stazon. I used a model railway line, some old scrabble tiles and a rub-on (which i peeled from the backing and stuck on with matt accents), i finished by using an Invoke art stamp "ticket to ride" in the corner and all round the edges of the canvas, and added a metel train to the bottom corner. I am quite please with how it came out and hope Hels will be too.

And in keeping with the theme i also did a little card.

Very basic, just cut a square of Tim's paper, glossy accented the train and added a acetate verse i printed.

xx Hugz xx

Thursday, 1 May 2008

My very first Canvas

I can now post a pic of the very first canvas i made knowing it is now in the safe hands of my dear friend Ann.
Inspired by Tim Holtz and the pieces he creates i though i would give it a go, i have used a mixture of gaming pieces and bottletops to create the wording and just inked the canvas with a vintage photo distress ink and dabber for added depth. Tearing an old bit of news paper and using Old Paper Distress ink to age it, added another element to the piece, i also used a Tim Holtz Stamp and finished with an old key and an UTEE jigsaw piece.

I am really chuffed with how this piece came out.

xx Hugz xx