Thursday, 28 November 2013

Busy Little Elf

I seem to have all manner of things going on ATM,
There is my latest DT post for Sam Poole.

My latest offering over on the Snazzy's Blog

A load more christmas cards..

AND.. now don't choke 
.........a Cute Card, which i'm about to blog {on my cute card blog of course}
There are still more christmas cards to come so keep watching!
Stay Inky
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Monday, 25 November 2013

And So It Begins:

The onslaught of christmas blogging commences.
 Starting with my latest DT project for Snazzy's

 Do hop on over to see the finished result, i'd love to know what ya think xo
Then there is the mountain of cards I made for a friends craft fair

 And these are just a few of them

 I'll share more later in the week

None of these are my usual style, But I was asked for simple and I rose to the challenge.
Let me know what ya think!
Stay Inky
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Monday, 18 November 2013

A Happy Hels Afternoon. {pic heavy}

Hay Peeps
So I actually made something inky!!!! I know it's a total shock.
It's all due to the fact that yesterday I spent a very lovely afternoon with my buddy Hels Sheridan @ Craftasmic in Taunton where she was teaching a weekend of classes.
Grabbed a quick pic before class started...
Then it was straight to work
 There was some messing about,

and then back to work...

Finally we all ended up with a cute christmas burlap canvas.
This was mine.

As you can see everyone did there own thing and all are slightly different from Hels original. {which I totally forgot to photograph}
Hels even got in a sneeky demo in as we were all finished early.
Then she could relax.
And I got a quick pic of me with James from Craftasmic.
I had a fab time and can't wait for Hels to come back down south for another class in hopefully the not too distant future xo 
If you don't follow me on Facebook i'll just tell you my quick tale of terror before the class.
As you may know i've not long passed my driving test, {and i'm not very confident yet} and I haven't really been doing many long journeys either, I certainly hadn't drove into Taunton where the class was being held. But I was being brave, I checked online and found the park and ride just out of the town was to be open {so I would avoid the chaos of the town as lots of roads were shut off due to it being the christmas lights switch on later in the day} I knew my way so was all set, But alas the journey was not to be smooth, for when I got to said P&R it was closed..... Arrhhhhh my worst fear.. going into town on probably the busiest day of the year, but it had to be done.
I repeated to myself about a million times that I could do it as I was making my way in, only to find near gridlock in most of the car parks and surrounding area, I could feel myself getting more and more flustered but I carried on and after about an hour of hunting round at like 2mph and a couple of car stalls later I finally found a spot to park and my happy day could go on.
I know you may think.. yeah so what, but to me I was so chuffed to have made it there AND on my way home I had to drive in the dark for the first time too.
So all in all it was a very eventful day but a great one.

If you're still reading and didn't nod off thanks for dropping by.
I will have another blog post going up soon as I have a ton of {custom order} christmas cards to share.
Till Then
Stay Inky
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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Christmas Card Crazy...

I have been frantically making a whole bunch of christmas cards for an upcoming craft fair my friend is doing, And my latest DT piece for Sam Poole is just one of them.. Go check it out HERE
I will hopefully get some pics of all the cards when I have 5 minutes spare
I know, shocking to think i'll actually blog something proper on the blog!! 
Watch this space xo

Stay Inky
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