Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Bling and Sparkle!

Finally managed to grab 5 minutes to take some snaps of those jewellery pieces i mentioned.. This set being one of them which was a present for my partners sister.
I used a mix of lampwork glass beads and swarovski crystals to give the earings some added bling.

Sorry it's a short post, still not properly back into the swing of things yet, the old mojo is a bit hit and miss, I've managed a couple of cute cards but not had the time to get inky yet, plus I'm trying to get myself organised as i'm hosting my very first swap on UK Stampers ..
Wanna know more... if your a member hop over and check out the General Swap section!!
All i can say is the experience will be 'Charming' lol
Thanks for stopping by x
♥ HUGZ ♥


sam21ski said...

They look gorgeous Nicky xxx

Hels said... the point you need to send it to me to look after incase the bin men won't take it ROFL...Only joking have a real flair for the jewellry not jealous at all...nope.. not at all *sniffs*....tis lovely to see you blogging again..missed ya x

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous design! Bet Tony's sister loved it! xx