Wednesday, 31 March 2010

WOYWW /Play Date Cafe

WOW is it wednesday already... Julia and the WOYWW crew will be wanting a nose around.. but unfortunatly not much is happening on my desk.. well other than the little critters who decided to have a party while i was at work!!!
I did however finally get a chance to join in again with the PlayDateCafe challenge...
I needed a boy card in a hurry and these colours inspired me to create this...
Stamps used were Stampers Anonymous {fella} and Artistic Stamper {background}
I'm not usually good at altered style cards but this turned out quite cool
so i'm well chuffed, just hope the receiver  is too.
Thanks for visiting, It's blowing an absolute hooley outside at the minute,
so i plan to stay in and craft the day away, Stay safe peeps x
♥ HUGZ ♥

Sunday, 28 March 2010

A bird in the hand....

..Is worth 2 in the bush!
Does anyone actually know what the hell that means!!!
Anyway i only used it for a catchy title!!
This is my entry for this weeks Sunday Stamper which has the theme of 'Birds'
This fab ickle wooden house comes untreated ready to alter and is available HERE for the bargain price of just 99p {along with several other bargains i bet you wont be able to resist lol}
I jazzed mine up by first colouring the house with brushed corduroy distress ink, then i printed off a set of one of Tims alphas from his Distressables CD and backed each tile onto chipboard and distressed some more with ink and sandpaper.
I stamped a couple of stitchel birds onto chipboard, smidged a bit of colour on um and cut em out.
Then i just placed and stuck it all together. I finished by removing the gold thread the house came on and added a bit of chain which also has a danglie bit for the birdy inside the house to play with.
These are really fun, and just the right size for a tree decoration.. so stock up for christmas lol
♥ HUGZ ♥

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Belt up...

....or i'll cuff you!
Over at Allsorts this week their theme is to 'Alter or Recycle' something.
 Tuesday Taggers also has the 'alter something' theme
I made these manly cuffs for one of my male friends as a birthday gift.
 Back in the day he was a real AHA fan and as all the 80's fashion is back, I thought he'd like em.
They are actually a recycled leather belt that i chopped up, tidied the edges and added fastenings too.
I'm really pleased with them and so was he which is the important thing.
Thanks for visiting, leave a comment so i know you stopped by x
♥ HUGZ ♥

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Birthday Thanks

This is just a very quick post to say a very big thank you to
 Alison, Bee, ClaireW,Gillian, Hels, Hilda, Kerry, Shazza, Wendy & Sam  x
Your special cards really made my day.
 also to Alison, Sam & Claire a big thank you hug for the lovely hand made treats you included, i love them all x
and thanks too everyone else that sent messages too,
I've had kind of a strange day, not really felt 100% so have just had a lazy mooch.
I got a very cool Dremel versatip tool from my OH, some posh perfume from my bessy mate and some dosh from the family to spend when i go to ally pally in a few weeks time {which i am soooo looking forward to}.
Again a big thank you, You gals really do make a girl feel special xxx
Hoping to have a crafty day with my friend tomorrow so should be back over the weekend with something arty to share!
♥ HUGZ ♥

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

WOYWW 24/3

Hay peeps, sorry i'm late this week, had an old friend over to visit with her 2 strapping young boys of 3 and 5 bouncing all over the place.. which was fun lol
I have a little confession for Julia & the WOYWW'ers..
 This isn't actually a pic of my desk as it is today, I work shifts for the first part of the week so its very rare that you will ever see a messy desk on a wednesday....Soooooo i took a shot of things mid flow on a project last thursday/friday...
As you can see i have a bit of, well, everything out lol
The reason for the mess... The blue and orange piece you see was an attempt to make a Wendy Vecchi style project.. but without the use of any of her stamps as i dont own any.
Please note i said 'attempt'...I figured some of my fabby Artistic Stamper backgrounds would give me a great base to start, which they did but then it all went pear shaped, I just couldn't get her style no mater what i did..and believe me i tryed... for 2 days i tryed!
And then i gave up and made some cards instead.
I used the same inky background as mentioned in yesterdays card.
But todays stamps are the stunning window from the Architecture plate
A very cool jumbled letters from the Family Values plate and a couple of dog style tags from the alphabet and tags plate
I found it a little hard not to keep adding to this card as it seems so plain but i know anything else on it would just make it look fussy so it is what it is.
Thanks for stopping by x
♥ HUGZ ♥

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Spring time fun!

I'm a little behind again this month and realised i needed to get some cards made up quick smart.. I had a look around and found Lots to Do and Soartful both have a spring time challenge so that was the inspiration for this card.
I made up a batch of inky splodgy backgrounds using my craft sheet, distress inks and a mini mister.
I stamped Jigsaw pieces on one of the inky backgrounds and cut them out, and the Dragonfly was stamped in black onto an inky background and then stamped again onto parchment paper, blinged with stickles, then this was placed over the first image to add dimention.
Im not very good at quick/minimal cards, to me this still looks like it needs more but i do like it.. Do you? 
I'll be back tomorrow with another card and my workspace confession!
♥ HUGZ ♥

Friday, 19 March 2010

Tree Keeper!

The Moth Maiden is a delicate little creature
She is the keeper of the tree's
Adorned in lace and twine rags she makes sure all is well in the forest, but she obviously tells the most shocking jokes.. i mean look at the expression of this tree
{click to enlarge pic}
The moth maiden started life as tree a long time ago..
She is made from a wooden dolly peg. With bamboo bbq skewer arms.
I inked up my lace background stamp with black and rolled the peg over it, giving the maiden some lacy undies.. Next i stamped the Flowery Lace and Lacy Border onto brown tissue paper a few times, cut the strips out and attached as here skirt and bodice, i wrapped some twine round for added earthyness.
Her moth wings were made by stamping the big moth from the Insects and Butterflys plate onto a piece of grungepaper, which i then coloured with distress inks, cut out using my trusty timmy scissors and attached to her back.
Finally, her hair and make up were courtesy of my copics, but i wasn't too keen on the black bob so i added a fun fibre head dress, which also runs down her back to cover where i attached the wings.
I can see me making a few more of these peg dollies, what can i say.. i'm just a big kid lol
♥ HUGZ ♥

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

WOYWW {17/3}

Its that time of the week again to share the space you craft in with Julia and the WOYWW crew.
As you can see from last week its getting more and more messy as the time passes.
I was super cuffed when my 2 new Tims alterations dies turned up that i went a bit mad and cut tons of tickets.......You may also spy a little altered luggage case
These plain paper mache cases come in a set of 2 and are available from The Artistic Stamper HERE
I coloured my case with walnut stain and vintage photo distress inks, and then pasted lots of travel bits from an old HOTP pad i had, I gave the whole thing a coat of matt medium to seal it.
As you can see i punched ALOT of tickets lol
Right i must scoot off to work now... but i'll be getting inky tomorrow! And visiting all your workdesks too!
So i'll be back soon with more art!
♥ HUGZ ♥

Monday, 15 March 2010

Creative Boxing!

Over at Hels blog the theme for this weeks Sunday Stamper is Bits 'n' Pieces
Seeing as I never know when to stop embellishing i thought this was the perfect challenge for me.
I decided to convert an old box frame and make it into a shadow box by removing the glass and backboard and then adding a piece of mountboard to the very back of the frame.
As you can see there are a fair few bits AND pieces on this one lol {click pic for a closer look}
The mini mdf lettering was painted then distressed and stuck to the base of the frame.
I actually decorated the mountboard backplate before attaching it to the frame with an assortment of goodies from TSS metal and terra to gears, metal buttons and tags.
Now all i need to do is figure if i want it freestanding as it is or wether to add some sort of hanging application so it can adorne my wall!

Whattcha Think??
♥ HUGZ ♥

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Happy Mother's Day

This is the fabric bookmark that i made
for my very special
Wishing you a lovely day, Wish i could be with you but i'll be seeing you soon xx
Love you lots and lots xxxx
Not bad for my first attempt: It's all thanks to a post I had seen on SCS about making a childs bookmark, and this weeks Little Red Wagon challenge which is 'Fabric'.. I figured i would combine the two and get the perfect mothers day pressie. I also incorperated this weeks Crazy Amigos 'Swirls' challenge in the piece.
It wasn't too hard to make although it did take me a whole day!!!
I stamped several swirls in brown stazon onto a piece of fabric canvas, added a fabric scrap which i stitched the edges of, I layered a bit of lace on top and placed die cut letters, which were also from fabric on top of that.
I used an artistic stamper butterfly stamped onto grungepaper and jazzed up with dusty concord distress ink and stickles,an MS butterfly punch and old book paper created the ickle butterfly, and i finished with an eyelet at the bottom to attach scraps of fabric to as my danglie.
I am actually super chuffed with how it came out and so is my mum which makes me very happy indeed.
Wishing a lovely day to all mothers across the world
♥ HUGZ ♥

Friday, 12 March 2010

Fairy Light Necklace. And a lesson learned!

Just thougt i'd share a little project i created using old fairy light bulbs.
Wrapped with copper wire and attached to a paramid of jump rings i created a fun yet very different altered necklace and matching earrings set.
Whatta think? Have i completely lost the plot... there's more to come you know.. watch this space for another necklace and also some charms!
Now on a completly different note: I was having a little fiddle with my blogger template as you may have noticed. {I now have 3 columns instead of 2}.
I'm not really that computer friendly but I have picked up the odd bit of knowledge here and there,{ok more a hit and hope speciality} but i  figured what would be the harm.. if i saved my template first everything would be fine, i could just re-load should i make a big hash of it!
Oh how wrong could i be!!!
 To start i had a few minor hick-ups but was feeling rather chuffed with myself by the end that i managed to get it just how i wanted it, so i saved it.. clicked to view it and thats then it hits me.....
Where were my blogroll lists?? The title was there, but all my favourite places to visit were GONE!!!
Ok ok.. so i think this can be sorted, no worries,  i'll just fall back on the saved template and leave well alone..
Nothing.. naddah, not a darn thing...seems the dame saved template saves everything BUT your blog lists.
How gutted was i.. all my lovely favs..GONE.
I spent the next several million hours trying to find them...I know some are still missing, probably will be forever.. i just cant remember them all!
Moral of story...
DONT play with things you don't really understand!
Bit like matches, but with less flames!!!
Ta ra for now
♥ HUGZ ♥

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

It's raining rooms....and photos, but unfortunatly no men!

 Well it's Wednesday, which can only mean one thing..
In contrast to Julia being quite early with her post i'm a tad late, but still better late than never..
As you can see my desk is still quite tidy, got a few works in progress going on...
One of which is this almost finished tag... I think it needs some wording but i'm not quite sure!
Anyways it's my entry for this weeks Allsorts 'Just For Men' Challenge
J asked us to show other BITs of our rooms, but i decided NOT to this time and insteed i have choosen to show my ribbons to hopefully inspire Julia in her quest...!!!
Hay, are you still with me... Good!
The only other thing i wanted to share today is the lovely OWOH prize i recieved from Sharon,
This lovely key holder {although im thinking more along the lines of necklace coz it too pretty to be hidden in a bag} 
Many many thanks hunny x
And thats your lot for today, Thanks for dropping by.
♥ HUGZ ♥

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Alice in Stamper-land!

Believe me its the best title i could think of at this unholy hour of 2am!

{This following ickle utube is just for Hels to keep the song going in her head lol}

The new Alice in Wonderland movie was realised this weekend
So me old matey Hels has this weeks Sunday Stamper theme Rabbits/Alice in Wonderland to celebrate,
 And there is a chance to win a bit of yummy candy too.
This is my offering for the challenge
A 2" x 2" memory frame pendant
Complete with eat me cake and drink me potion!
Including both Alice
AND a white Rabbit!

I know it's a little late, but this also fits in with the last Soartful Challenge.
My eyes are becoming heavy, So i'll leave the 'how it's made' blurb for another day maybe...
but if you've any questions feel free to mail me.
Think i'll be drifting off into wonderland very soon, Zzzzzzzzz
Sweet thoughts my blogland friends x

♥ HUGZ ♥

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Busy Busy Busy!!!

OK you got me, i'm not super busy like that title claims... but i am entering the
Lots To Do challenge with this weeks theme which is 'Distressed'
I can't believe its saturday already, All i can say is,"wow the adults were right", the older you get the more time flys by, talking of flying that leads you nicely to my entry...
I sliced into a canvas and wrapped the cut pieces round the frame to create a shadow box type thingy, I backed it with my 'distressed' piece of cardboard.
The frame itself i coated with distress crackle paint and then splodged on some distress ink to darken the colour, it didn't really crackle like i'd hoped but it did leave a cool textured finish which was good enough for me.
I punched out a bunch of circles in white card and proceeded to ink and stamp em using Timmy products, these once dry were stuck inside bottletops and filled with UTEE adding a sprinkle of micro beads while the UTEE was still hot.
I created a little birdy scene inside the frame, making a cage from wire and cutting the bird from an old book page.
The white mass behind him is actually UTEE, which i poured direct from melting pot to TSS big daddy mould , i then dusted it with a smidge of perfect pearls.
I printed the wording on my comp as couldn't find any sayings i liked so i made up my own.
Finished with some twigs from my garden and a few musical notes and you have the finished artical.
I've no actual plans today for me which means a spot of crafting me thinks lol... was hoping to get an email with good news but i don't think its coming to me.. never mind.. am sure someones weekend will be made special, the lucky buggers... sorry don't mind me lol... i'm waffling to myslef here...
So do you have Lots to do today?...
Have a fab weekend peeps x
♥ HUGZ ♥

Friday, 5 March 2010

Hay you Crazy Amigo's...

NO i'm not insulting you, i'm sure your all as sane as i am!!!
I'm talking Challenges
Crazy Amigo's this week, is TAGS!
Seeing as i had a few on my desk I started a couple of weeks ago, and i'd had a couple of people ask what i planned on doing with them i figured now would be the perfect time finish a couple and share um.
This is the first one i completed named Eye Heart Music

And the second, What is on the other side?
I still am yet to finish the 3rd and 4th ones, so they'll be along at a later date!
Thanks for visiting x
♥ HUGZ ♥

Wednesday, 3 March 2010


Right i'm going to have to apologise prefusely to Julia and all the What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday'ers and just say i am really sorry if this offends anyone as i know some of you will be totally horrified with what i'm about to show you !!!!
This is what's on my workdesk today...
I know, i know i'm so so sorry but i had a bit of a tidy up and re-shuffle of my stash and as a result of that and the fact i've been working i have a very very neat and tidy space.
Please don't hate me he he he!
Only one more night shift and then i have a couple of days off to get inky so hope to be back tomorrow with some inky messy fun to share.
Thanks for stopping by
♥ HUGZ ♥

Monday, 1 March 2010

Post it in style...Plus gingersnap birthday candy winner

Just a quick little project i wanted to share with you today
Thats an easy peasy project to make
Just by folding a piece of card round a note pad stack, {stick the back of the note stack to the card..see below} decorating it.
{I've used a fab selection of stamps, all from the Artistic Stamper}
And finishing buy adding a bit of chain to hang and a magnet to close.
And there you have an attractive post it holder for all your important notes...Simples!

Right now on to the important bit
First off let me say
The Gingersnaps Creations group is 1 today x
Thank you to everyone who entered my little giveaway in honour of the occassion
I did the thingy and it chucked out {and rather apptly i may ad as it's my birthday in the same amount of days}
Which by my totting up means that
You are the winner
Congrats hun, please get in touch with your snail mail so i can get your stamps out to you x
and remember if you didn't win you can still buy a set or 2 by visiting The Artistic Stamper
♥ HUGZ ♥