Thursday, 16 July 2009

Felting again..

Yep i've been at the old wool tops again seeing what i can come up with and this time i've created a pretty little brooch.
I rolled a small amount of wool to make a ball, wet felted it and left it to dry.
Once dry i cut it in half.
I sowed some lace all round the edge, threaded some seed beads for detail and finished by attaching a wire butterfly.
I finished the back with just a circle of felt and a brooch attachment.

I've still yet to photograph the assortment of rings i've been making but when i get time i will be back to share.

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Monday, 6 July 2009

Ring a ding ding...

Keyring to be precise.... while playing with more wool tops i wanted to try and make some rings so i started to roll a couple of different coloured tops together in a ball shape, but it just started to go horribly wrong... and the shape i ended up with was not quite what i had hoped for, kinda ended up with a small bowl shape, please don't ask me how, it just happened lol... nether the less i kept it and decided to turn it into a keyring as with just the right charm for the center gap it was perfect, i fed a piece of wire from the charm through to the top of the felt and attached a key chain. i then glued the charm in place using E6000 to keep it all in place.

The back came out kinda funky with 2 of the colours in kinda a swirl pattern, this was how i was hoping the ball would turn out but hay ho, i still ended up with a funky piece of art!
Thanks for popping in, come back soon x

Friday, 3 July 2009

What in the bottom of your garden?

In mine i found a lost fairy... she told me her name was Lavender, that she was a good luck and health fairy and that she was trying to find her way to a lady called Hels... luckily for Lavender i just happened to know this Hels character and said i'd help her to get there, i made a special box for her to travel in via our very own royal mail.. think she was impressed with the royal part lol And i now know she is happily at her destination all safe and well in her new home.
Lavender was made totally from scratch using a pipe cleaner and some merino wool tops in white pink and purple, i moulded the shape of a body with the pipe cleaner and wrapped the tops around the frame, needle felting from time to time to bond the fibres, i then needle felted on some hair and boots, once the body was complete i made a little skirt and wings from a circle of mesh fabric, sowed this on and added some ribbon to create the leg stockings and the cross-over top. I finished her off by adding a segment of lace for the crown and i created a wand using wire, beads and a paper rose. I also added an attachment to the back so she can be worn as a brooch or necklace.
I got the idea from a fab book i brought on amazon by Julie Collings called "Pretty Little Felts" I've also been making some felt jewels from the same book which i will be blogging soon.
Thanks for stopping by, i know there hasn't been much going on here as i'm still loving making my cute cards, but i'm slowly learning to get the best of both worlds :O)

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

And the winner for...

Latest ever entry to a challenge goes to......
ME! lol
I've finally got around to photographing the mirror i did for Jennie's Object D'Art challenge way back in.. well to be honest i can't remember its been so long!
This was it before....

And this is it after i got my inky little mits on it!

In case your wondering what the glare is, its the mirror itself..
it lights up when you open it.. how cool is that!
I inked the whole thing with dark brown and black alcohol inks.
Stamped one of Jennies fab nude lady stamps on the front using black archival ink and also the wording from the same stamp plate {which you can buy here} but i used a silver ink for that.
I was going to add more but then decided i liked it quite plain, so the only other thing i did was to jazz up the inside light rim with a brown sharpie marker and some vintage photo distress stickles.
A short and sweet post for a small sweet project,
just sorry it took so long to post it up here lol
Thanks for stopping by.. more bits will be appearing soon as i've been playing with felt, lace and beads!