Saturday, 28 February 2009

UTEE Spi-cam

First let me start by saying "shame on me", I've not been the best of blogger's this past couple of weeks, don't know where the time is going, and usual every day life tends to get in the way as well, maybe I'll do better in march!!!
So today I've made a little time to share with you a UTEE piece i did that just happens to fit in with this weeks challenge over on Lots To Do
Which is to "Alter It".. and I'd say my piece has well and truly been altered!

I was playing the other day with melt pot and remembered some months ago i dismantled an old broken web cam i had just lying around {waste not want not}

So decided to assemble a couple of the pieces and set them together in a rectangle mould with some clear UTEE..

Once it was all set i used some sticky backed foil
to edge & back it and add the lens to the top.
I added a Tim Holtz clasp pin to the back
so i can either wear it as a brooch or necklace.

Short but sweet post i know, but better than nothing at all!

Thanks for dropping by.

xx Hugz xx

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Quick Card Creations

Now that all 3 of the birthdays for this month have passed

i can share the cards with you.


I'm trying to make my cards a bit simplier as i tend to over do it and not know when to stop, a quick card usually ends up taking me about 2 hours lol... i managed the first in under an hour but the third took a bit long.. you guessed it.. i got carried away again lol.. well i tryed!


xx Hugz xx


Monday, 16 February 2009

February Me 2 U

This is actually the very last Me 2 You piece i will be doing as a whole year has passed since the swap began.

I made a mini 4"x4" canvas


You cant see from the pic but the bird is on a stampboard tile and i used a textured paste to add some dimension, the letters are covered in glossy crackle as is the grungboard swirl.
I coloured the piece using gesso, acrylic paint and copics!

I have thoroughly enjoyed making each and every piece each month and am kinda sad its all come to an end.. So i would just like to say thank you to Claire for organising this swap and to all my fellow Angels who took part.

Think I'll have to start a swap or 2 of my own to keep me occupied each month!

Watch this space!

xx Hugz xx

Sunday, 15 February 2009


The theme this month is Tree's

And here is my offering...

a 4"x4" canvas

To take part and be in with a chance to win this and many other cool hand crafted items go check out

It could be you
xx Hugz xx

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Love is in the air.....

Just a quickie to wish you all a
Happy Valentines Day and to share my cards
Mine to Him

& His to Me

xx Hugz and kisses xx

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Just in time L.T.D...

Think I'm just in time to join in this weeks challenge over on Lots To Do
The theme is Metal
Having seen the piece that Sam did, i was a bit of a copy cat as it reminded me of an article i had seen in the Feb Craft Stamper that i too wanted to try.


I love the distressed look you get when you tear corrugated cardboard, and used this as my base, i had an old stained dry wet wipe that i added some stitching to and the glued to the board, tore a bit of bubble wrap and attached it by making holes and threading some fibres on one side.
Then i embellished with the letters A R T all done in metal, and a few other random things like a Stitchel bird stamped on canvas and cut out, some tiny puzzle pieces and a face moulded in UTEE, to name a few.
I was just playing really and this is what came out of that play session...
I like to play, it's good for the soul!
xx Hugz xx

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Altered Swap

This month over on UK Stampers there altered swap is bottle tops.
I had no idea what i was going to make until a few days ago when typically as i was just packing up and about to go to bed the idea struck me {ideas always seem to appear as I'm packing up!}

I would make a bracelet, and instead of bending the tops outwards i would bend them inwards {obviously to remove the sharp edges away from the skin!}
And here is my finished piece...
{sorry for the multiple pics but i got carried away with the light box and couldn't decide which pic i liked best so you have all 3 lol}



I cut out some small circles from an old book page, stuck then in the centre of the tops, then folded in the edges of the tops using a small pair of pliers.
Next i popped a hole in either side of the top using my crop-a-dile.
I cut & bent some common garden wire to become the links, adding a paper bead to each wire and then attaching one top to the next.
I completed by topping each top with some UTEE direct from the melt pot, it went quite amber as it had been heated for quite a while {it was the remains of the UTEE from my paper beads project}
I added a small clasp and hoop so it could be worn.
And that's it... any questions please feel free to ask.
I hope whoever receives it like it!
Thanks for stopping by,
come back soon.
xx Hugz xx

Monday, 9 February 2009

Melt Art {SaWo #41}

For once i had quite a productive day on Saturday, i was up reasonably early and seeing as over on Saturday Workout this week their theme is UTEE, i took the opportunity to have a play with my melt pot.
I recently joined a paper bead swap so that was the first thing i made...

Followed by some Wire Hearts


Once i was all UTEE'd out i needed to take some photo's.

A friend posted a message on one of the forums i visit of how to make your own light box to get great pics.. i thought I'd try it out and here it is all finished..



I'm really pleased at how well the box actually works, the photos of the beads and the hearts were both taken using the box.


I also managed to finish another couple of pieces, but there for blogging another day.

Watch This Space !

xx Hugz xx

Sunday, 8 February 2009

BLOG Treats & Awards!

OMG, i just came across the most gorgeous new stamps from Elusive Images
If you go check out there blog you have a chance to win a set....
The stamps have a starring role in Glenda's brand new TV show which will be launching on Tuesday February 10th, 1.00pm on Create and Craft - sky channel 671. If you don't have Sky, you may be able to watch the show on the Create and Craft website.
Award Time Again
No it's not the Oscars or the Grammies..
Just a lovely friend Wendy passing on this lovely award
to ickle old me... Thank you so much hun, your blog rocks too x
I have visited many many new {and old} and fabulous blogs recently,
too many in fact to only pick 5 peeps to pass this on to like your supposed to do..
...So If you happen to stop by in the next few days
you just help yourselves to this award as YOU ALL ROCK in my book.
xx Hugz xx

Saturday, 7 February 2009

My First Masterpiece

Well to me anyway lol

I had my first proper play with some texture pastes from the "GOLDEN" range, and boy did i have fun. I really wanted to to create a proper piece of artwork as i had been so inspired by the work i had seen displayed at a recent craft show.

Originally i was doing this piece for this months ART RAFFLE hence the Tree, but now don't know if i can part with it lol.. i may have to make something else for the raffle i think !

I call this piece


It's done on a 8x8" canvas.
I coloured the piece using some TH Distress re-inkers & water and some oil paints.

Close up the texture looks great {can't really see it in the main pic}
I can see me getting more and more into this texture lark, including some fabric and metal pieces, and definatly more canvas art.. watch this space!

xx Hugz xx

Friday, 6 February 2009

Friendship Book

Just another quickie post sharing another piece i made a while ago, but didn't get around to blogging at the time... It was made as a birthday gift.
It's made using one of those acrylic template books, DCWV papers and bound using my BIA.
I'm still a bit "flu"ee but much better than i was thank goodness, so thanks to all of you for your concern, nice to know people care x
xx Hugz xx

Monday, 2 February 2009

Beaten by the bug...

Ok so the Flu got me.... been keeping it at bay for about 2 months and Saturday night/Sunday morning it floored me, must of slept for nigh on 24 hours lol.. So to keep your eyes happy I'm just quickly adding something to look at.These are just a couple of cards i didn't get round to blogging but i love them both. The first is an alternative Christmas card and the second just a simple birthday card.

Sorry that's it! lol.. nothing really exciting...

but hoping to blog a couple more random pieces to keep me blogging while I'm ill later in the week.

Thanks for stopping by, and thank you those of you who have left well wishes, in my previous post, much appreciated x
xx Hugz xx

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Better late than never!

Here, finally is my Me 2 U piece for December.. but i am also being cheeky and putting it forward for both the Object D'Art Altered Book challenge and last weeks Big Art Adventure of Altering a Canvas

The piece was created using an old hardback book and 2 mini 4x4 canvases.

{I've put all the pics in a sideshow to save you having to scroll down! lol}

To be honest i have neither the time, nor patients right now to add how i made this but would be happy to answer any questions you have, just leave a comment.

I'm feelin rough as old boots right now and think I'm coming down with Flu!

All i will say is it was a mammoth project that had it's ups and downs but i got there in the end, and it is now safely in its new loving home.

Thanks for dropping by, call again soon x

xx Hugz xx