Friday, 8 January 2010

Better late than never!

Hello my ickle blogland lovies, and a very belated

Sorry I've not been on till now but the dreaded FLU {quite possibly the swine variety} attacked me on new years eve and I've been suffering ever since.
Yesterday was the first time i started to feel normal again! {hay no smart arse comments about me never being normal thank you!!! you know who you are thinking it!!}
I've not been near the old craft room for a few weeks now, but I'm hoping that as I'm slowly starting to feel better i will get chance to share a few of the pieces i made as pressies in the run up to Christmas, mainly jewellery.
I hope everyone is staying safe and warm with all this bad weather were having.
Take care out there and pop back soon as i always love having you visit x
♥ HUGZ ♥


Jennie said...

Happy New Year! xx

Artyjen said...

Glad you are feeling on the mend....keep warm if possible!!

Agnes the Red said...

HUGZ back at ya Minxy! Lets hope the New Year improves for you soon and you conquer this orrible fluey stuff.
Ange x

Linda Elbourne said...

Happy New Year ... Hope you are back to your usual ... erm ... normal self soon :0)

sam21ski said...

Happy New Year to you too Nicky

Did my card and pressie to you ever turn up - hope so

Sorry to hear you've not been well but are hopefully on the mend now

I hope some of your creations are going to be grungy and messy

Take care - Sam xxx

Hels said...

Happy New Year Minxy...normal? You? ROFL LMAO ... sad to hear you not been well..hoping you back to "normal" soon hun xx