Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The Best'est Weekend EVER! Part #1

So as many of you know this past weekend was Ally Pally's Big Stamp & Scrapbooking craft show.
It's been a year since i've been able to attend so was a tad excited.
On Friday afternoon I met up with one of my best'ies Gillian
Then Saturday morning, this was the calm b4 the storm!
That didn't last long as trouble turned up in the form of my other best'ie Lily
and she started shopping straight away lol
B4 I knew it the place was teeming with PATWITS {paper artsy twitter peeps}
This is lovely Gabrielle
 Sam{21Ski} This was the 1st time we've met in person after knowing each other online for about 5 years.
Another first in person meeting with the oh so talented Carol Q
Then I got some hugs from a familiar face both online and in person, The slightly crazy Alison
Leandra was in full demo mode on the PA stand.
As was Lin, showing us all how it's done.
Then it was all hands on deck
From left to right Michelle, Leandra, Darcy & Lin
 Michelle and Darcy took over for a bit
Then it was time for more hugs
and stuffing of faces with some scrummy cupcakes Darcy handmade.
OH MY GOD melt in the mouth lemon yumminess I tell ya
{Lily, Me and Helen with an extra arm..which was Gillian's}
Emma was being all shy hiding behind her camera, Then I found her and Sam in the massive queue on the PA stand where poor Mark was working his little behind off!

Right I think that's enough pics for today.. I leave you wanting a bit more.. and I'll be back tomorrow with more pics from Sunday.
Stay Inky
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Michelle Webb said...

Ohh I totally love the blog post Nicky, great pics, I really wish I had taken more! I've just put a blog post up myself, with pics. It was a great weekend, I really wish I had stayed over. Maybe on the next one. I hope we all meet up again soon. Michele x

Ann said...

Thanks for sharing all your lovely pics Nicky, one of these days I'll get to Ally Pally & meet you, looks like a fab time was had by all :D
Hugs, Ann xxx

Netrix said...

Great blog, love all the pics. Thanks for sharing hun

inkypinkycraft said...

Looks fab , lotsa and lots of fun! Hugs trace x

Gabrielle said...

We had some much fun and this is a wonderful way to remember it! Can't wait to see what's in part 2!!!

Lin said...

Lovely Pics Nicky,,it was a great weekend and lovely to meet you!!

sam21ski said...

It was brilliant to finally meet you (and everyone else) but especially you and Alison after all this time!!!

Had a truly fabulous time and thanks for Saturday evening too.

Hope we can do it again one day!!

Sam xxx

Helen said...

Great pics, Nicky. Was lovely to spend time with you again. Roll on the reunion in September!!

Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Great pics, wish I could have gone, looks a fabulous show. Did you buy any goodies lol. Tracy x

Lucy Edmondson said...

Lovely to see you!!! Are you going to tell everyone about your cheeky remark, or am I? (You are thinking, which of my cheeky remarks was that?),

Lucy x

craftytrog said...

Slightly crazy eh? Pot....Kettle! Great pics hun, want more!!! xox

Craftychris said...

I am so glad you had such a wonderful time at Ally Pally. It looked such good fun! xx

tracy said...

looks like u all had a great time. love the pics hun cant wait to see what u go xxx