Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Hay desk surfers, nosey parkers and generally lovely peeps
It's a wednesday which can only mean one thing
I've been absent for a while, I keep forgetting to be honest but I was on the ball today, Got my post sorted b4 I went to bed, And technically it's not cheating as it was past midnight so it is wednesday.
Here is what's on my desk
For those of you that don't know {and im sure there can't be many} Chem 101 is Tim's new 2 week online course.
Below is a close up of the tag's I made..
The other thing you may of spied on my desk if you have very keen eyes is this little beauty
YAY I finally got myself a flower frog, Not exciting to all but i'm happy.
For those wondering what the heck it's for, It's to photograph cards on {but originally it was a flower arranger prop}
Right I best get off, Got lots of desks to hop round.
Oh b4 I go I have my second offering over on the Snazzy's DT Blog today, hop on over if you've time and let me know what you think of my layout.
Here's a quick peek.
Till next time..
Stay Inky
♥ HUGZ ♥


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I must be the only one who hasn't heard of Tim's class. I DO like that flower frog. I'm looking for one myself. Happy WOYWW from # 7.

May said...

O I now wish I had joined Sir Timmie's class it sounds amazing!! Love your flower frog will have a look around for one!! Have a super week, Hugs May x x x No9

Danielle said...

The little peek at your tags look good. That seems like it will be a fun class to take. Dani32

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Minxy,

I kind of cheated.... it's only Tuesday evening here in the States but I linked up anyway.

Your tags from Tim's class looks great. That's a nice way to keep them all together too, for future reference.

I actually knew what your frog is! haa And no, I don't think I'm that old..... ;-)


craftytrog said...

Isn't Tim's class great?! Wish I didn't have to work, & could get playing right now! Your tags look lovely, off to check out Snazzy's now! xox

Sara S. said...

Love that flower frog! So jealous of all of you in the CC class. Looks like so much fun!

Happy WOYWW!

Sara S. (#27)

okienurse said...

great looking desk. Love the tags you made from the class. I have watched the first two but haven't had time to get the homework done yet. SOon! Hope you have a great week and thanks for sharing! Vickie #48

Jennie -The Artistic Stamper said...

busy looking desk, Hun, hope all is well
Happy woywwing
Jennie #19

Helen said...

You always have something fun to share - never seen a flower frog before... your DT piece (I've seen it in full now) is fab!!
Happy WOYWW, Helen 21 - will try and find you at AP for sure this time! (I'm going on Saturday...)

peggy aplSEEDS said...

great looking desk and those tags look wonderful! happy WOYWW from #26

SophieNewton said...

Fab way of storing your Tim tags, might have to pinch that idea ;-). They look great, hope you're enjoying the course as much as me x
Sophie no.88

RosC said...

I really like the tags you've made in Chem 101. Feel very frustrated with Blogger's new picture system because I can't enlarge it to see what on your desk in more detail. It looks very interesting - think I'll have a look again on the iPad.
Thanks for sharing.
Ros. #40

Jacqui said...

Tags look great - I'm off to join in - can't 'resist' any longer!

Ann B said...

Are you sure that is for arranging flowers and not a medieval instrument of torture - whatever, I need one of those as well but Mr B will think I have well and truly lost it.
Gorgeous tags - wish I had signed up for the Tim class.

Ann B

Artyjen said...

I've signed up for the class but will have to do it at some other time 'cos I can't keep up with this every day lark during the week!! LOL
Love the froggie ;)
xoxo Sioux

Doone said...

i love your style and cannot wait to see how you put to use the techniques you'll learn from the course, the layout looks amazing
dx @ 74

Gourdess said...

Oooh I learned something new - flower frogs! ;) Love the layout and happy WOYWW! Warmly, Tracy #34

Neesie said...

I have to confess I've probably been the biggest nosey parker to visit your desk this week because I actually zoomed in on your photo to make sure I didn't miss anything!
There I feel better now I've confessed :D
Neesie #37

Bella said...

Your tags look like perfection. I have yet to sit down and do today's ones...too busy desk hopping!

Gabrielle said...

You little beauty! I am sooooooo happy! For about a year I have been trying to find out the name for the hedgehoggy thing and now I know. You are, without doubt, my favourite person ever! Thank you! I can finally rest easy! Well, once I've found one I can!!!

Jingle said...

Not only did you get a flower frog, but you got a really cool one! That sucker has been loved!!! You will officially be addicted. I promise. I started with one...*sigh* LOL!

CraftygasheadZo said...

I crept in after midnight too, when I came home from footy! That flower frog is intriguing. I've heard about the TH on-line class, so hope that goes well for you. Thanks for sharing for this WOYWW, let's start the snooping & take care. Zo xx 22

Redanne said...

Great tag and love that flower frog, even if it does look a bit lethal! I decided I was too busy to do Tim's online class but think I am regretting it now....... Regards, Anne #66

505whimsygirl said...

Hey Minxy,
You asked about the neocolorII crayons. I got mine from Amazon

They are water soluable. The cupcakes is the only time I've used them. I would compare them to watercolor pencils but with a deeper color. One thing I liked doing is using my paint brush and wiping it on the crayon and using it that way. Another way is to scribble some lines on the paper and then blend with a very wet brush. When I did that some of the lines were still visible. Hope this helps.


Bella said...

I got the blinkie at the top of the gallery section of the course...copy and paste! I have just put it on my side bar. Now our desks look even more the same cos I saw your ring idea to hold all the sample tags and have copied you! I have just posted today's tags...

Miriam said...

Love the work you have done for Tim's class - isn't it great!!

Never heard of the flower frog before!!

Thanks for sharing


Anonymous said...

Love the colours on your tags, bet the class is great too. That flower frog would make a brilliant hair brush for someone you don't like, lol!!

Brenda 2

MaggieC said...

Bleubeard and Elizabeth are not the only ones who have not heard of Tim's class. I have to admit that I am not really a Tim fan, although I do have a few distress inks, and I rather fancy the idea of those Distress pens. Your tags are great, lovely colours. Thank you for your visit and kind comments about our new stamp. xx Maggie#5

Peggy Cain said...

Wednesday’s sure do come around quick! Trying again to make “All” the rounds. well bummer another smart person who signed up for TH class what was I thinkin??? Have a great day!

Sophia said...

Loving your creativity here. Sounds like you're loving the class. :)

Happy WOYWW! #38

Fuchsia said...

Wow the colours on those tags look awesome
have a happy week xx

Shoshi said...

Gorgeous tags, Minxy! And I LOVE that layout - very stylish and striking, and gorgeous colours. Really great.

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I'm seriously thinking of starting a self help group for cardboard box hoarders. "Hello. My name is Shoshi. I hoard cardboard boxes." Kind of sad, isn't it!!

Happy WOYWW,
Shoshi #14

Dragon said...

OOO lovin your Timmy tags... and the LO is great

fairy thoughts said...

lovely organised (but messy too ) desk, the colouring on your tag looks fab. It's not too late to start your altered book if you want too, it's great fun and messy
janet '13

Morti said...

Ohh, my bad! I didn't know about Tim's latest class, and if you're making those kind of tags, it looks like an interesting time...

Hope you're keeping well!

Morti 123

Julia Dunnit said...

I'm the one..I didn't know about Creative Chemistry still it popped up on WOYWW! I do look at THs blog, but not regularly enough to catch on!! Am loving your screen wallpaper by the way. There's a shelf in my mum's garden shed that is covered in frogs..should I be stealing them for ebay?!!

Neet said...

Sorry I am late posting but I had a couple of major computer problems to sort out yesterday and they took all my time.
Great tags, now that reminds me, I joined and forgot about it - must now start playing catch up - as usual!
Thanks for sharing Hugs, Neet #4 xx

Anne Kristine said...

Wow! Your work is goregous ♥
Hugs Anne

Sherry Edwards said...

Hello Minxy! I didn't know if it'd be worth while doing the TH course - hasn't he covered it all in his books and videos .... that's probably a silly thing to say, but I'm trying not to cave into temptation - lol.

I posted my desk on Tuesday night too - before Midnight (sssh, don't tell Julia!)

Thanks for already visiting my desk this week WoYwW #8

Take care xx

kay said...

fab flower frog,been seeing them on various blogs,have fun with timmmie,your tags are great :)

Barb King said...

Love the Tim tags, the colors are beautiful! I am sorry I didnt sign up for it, maybe it's not too late. Barb #106

My name is Cindy said...

Like the flower frog (though I didn't know that was what they are called). Great tags and layout - tanks for looking at my messy desk (you were right the first time) Have a good week. Cindy #17

Sarah said...

the froggy is fab and a real must with cards. Well done on doing the Homework and looking all organised - mine are in mid make and I have to catch up otherwise I might get detention! looking very good and inky indeed! Thanks for sharing your desk and a bit of your life! Sarah (a late WOYWWer at no.1)

fairyrocks said...

Good job finding an afordable frog. I have been looking, but won't pay $20.00 for one LOL
You do the most amazing things with the paper and product. Keep smiling and creating

Lottie said...

Wow really stunning and what a fabulous art room space you have. I visit your blog often but can't always leave comments cos of eye problems.

Do you know what - I have several of those flower arranging pin frogs but hardly every use them these days for flower arrangin. I never thought of using them for photographing art work - and I have real trouble taking any decent photos. I'll be off to rummage in my flower arranging stuff to get one out!

SusanLotus said...

I really love what you did with the playingcards here! Awesome!