Monday, 9 January 2012

Using It Up!

Well so much for a weekend post, not quite sure what happened there, guess time flies when you having fun!!
So if you didn't already know I have taken the pledge to use up the stash I already have.
And while rooting around in my stash I came across a couple of old mags that where heading for the recycling, I decided to have a quick flick through to see if there was anything worth saving, and low and behold there was a set of love/spring papers and some cut out words.
I put myself straight to work and made a few cards...
The hearts are made from Hearty clay {quite an apt name} It had started to dry up.
So that's another thing for the UIU!
The bling got the UIU treatment as those sit around unloved for ages.
And i'm using my Dies too, no point having then if your not gonna put them to good use is there! 
And lastly I UIU'd these mini metal roses i've had for way over a year!!
These are all available via my newly opened Etsy store.
See I got one of the things on my new goals journal page done, and i'm being a good little UIU'er too.
Right I best crack on, things to do you know..
Catch ya soon x
Stay Inky
♥ HUGZ ♥


Anonymous said...

Just think: If everyone blogged a UIU idea everyweek and we all copied it (supplies permitting) not only would you increase your productivity, you would also generate items to sell! Love the cards and I KNOW I have some of those metal roses here, SOMEwhere! :)

Juls said...

such fun and funky cards! Hugs Juls

Kimber said...

Great cards Nicky! Good job on the UIU.

KatzElbows said...

I'm very impressed. You're using it up and meeting journal goals. You're either an inspiration or a source of depression!

Beautiful cards. Thank you for sharing.

Clare with paint in her hair said...

Wow what fabulous cards from freebies!

Jingle said...

These are so cute!

Sandra Hoogland said...

Yay, once again a little less in stash and a couple of pretty cards to send a thoughtful note to a friend! Well done! :)

Bella said...

I keep trying that idea...gonna take me a lifetime to get through all the stash I have sitting in boxes...I don't buy unless I NEED it for a project now...well, I try. That does not go for tools...I am addicted to tools and stamps etc. Those I do use though! ALL of them! esp TIM stuff. I need a Tim AA! Hello, my name is Belinda and I am addicted to all of Tim's products!" There - I said it!

happyDiane said...

All 4 of the cards are really cute! To be able to find all that stuff in your stash means you are organized! You amaze me!

505whimsygirl said...

Nice cards! I know what you mean about using up stash. I'm in the same mindset.

Good luck with the etsy shop!


Siobhan Brignull said...

putting me to shame, Minxy, I really didnt get a package from the Artistic Stamper today . . oops

CuddlyBunny said...

Excellent Use It Up art ... Excellent art period! :)

Happy New Year!

papillon said...

oh my, i wouldn't even want to use up my stash, i'd miss my stuff to much to do so, lol!
these cards are so cute and way more artsy than the Valentine cards you can see usually! love it!

Karen said...

Hi Minxy, I'm doing the rounds and introducing myself to others who have pledge to UIU! Lovely cards, would never know they had been made from scraps. Gonna have a look and see if you have those gorgeous roses in your Etsy store hugs Karen x