Friday, 25 March 2011

Lack of blogging...

Sorry peeps, don't know what happened this week, other than my mojo was on the blink, oh and it was my birthday today so i've been out celebrating.. well actually i was over at a friends crafting, then over to the in laws for a nice home cooked tea..
All in all a fab day
Thanks to all who sent wishes via FB and those who sent cards xx
Love ya all x
Normal inky service will resume tomorrow!
Stay Inky
♥ HUGZ ♥


Netty said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MINXY, glad you had a great time. Annette x

Cameron said...

Happy Birthday! Don't worry, sometimes real life needs to be attended to more than Blog life...haha!

Wipso said...

Happy belated Birthday.
A x

Sherry Edwards said...

Happy Birthday for yesterday!

Sorry I'm late xxx

sam21ski said...

Hope you had a fab day Nicky xxx

Julie Forest said...

Happy belated birthday! Hope it was wonderful!! :)