Monday, 27 December 2010

Bank Holiday Blues!

Well i don't know about you but today for me has been very bluhhh.. The weather is grey and miserable, there is nothing exciting on the telly and my mojo has run off and hidden under the sofa!
So i thought i'd share a couple more of my christmas cards...
 The one above was for one of my close friends.
And the one below was for my Mum
I have managed to blog every day this month so far which is something i have never been able to do what with work and other things, So i feel it only right to try and complete the month...Join me again tomorrow for more arty creations.
♥ HUGZ ♥


Anonymous said...

These are both brilliant! Love the blue one, bet your mum did too! xx

Juls said...

fab cards!!! Love the mosaic detail on the first card! Hugs Juls

sam21ski said...

Lovely cards Nicky

It's been raining and sleeting here today and to top it all I've been awake half the night coughing and spluttering and today my nose is running and I keep sneezing and coughing, so I'm feeling right sorry for myself!!!!

Can't wait to see what you come up with tomorrow xxxxx

Sherry Goodloe said...

Love both of your cards Nicky!

I'm off work this week and have been just lazin' around today. Like sam21ski, I have caught myself a cold over the past few days. Trying to "doctor myself" with hot tea and honey during the day and vapor rub on the chest at night :(

Planning on starting some v-day and b-day atc's later in the day.

xo Sherry

Anonymous said...

I totally hear you regarding the blah's! I haven't done anything either for a few days! Great goal and keeping it for blogging everyday!
Beautiful cards, love them both!



Minxy said...

For some reason I pressed allow and it rejected it!!!

Paula said:
Both great cards

Sid said...

Love those cards !!

Netty said...

Some more fabby cards Minxy. Annette x