Monday, 7 June 2010

A little 'light' play

Hay blogland.. This is only a quickie as regulars will know i'm off to work in a bit, I had a mammoth card making sessing on saturday managing a whopping 9 cards..{a personal record for me i think} which i will be sharing from wednesday onwards {i still need to photograph them hence why not sharing now}
So today i thought i'd share a piece of slightly unusual jewellery i created using some jumprings and old fairy lights, some chain and a couple of idea-ology trinkets
Thanks for stopping by.. I continue to appricate each and every person that takes the time to visit me..
Even if i dont often make it back to you to say hi x
♥ HUGZ ♥


Anonymous said...

Look forward to seeing your 'NINE' cards Nicky! Wow! You were on a roll!! This is a fab piece of wearable altered art, love it! xx

Claireabelle said...

Fabulous piece of jewellery Nicky! Great bit of recycling

julietk said...

A cool use of the old fairy lights :-)

ju said...

Wow!! Seriously funky !!xx

sam21ski said...

Am lovin your altered art, this piece is fab, fairy lights and all.

Can't wait to see ALL your cards.

Don't work too hard xxxx

Fuchsia said...

Hi Minxy
Thanks for your kind words on my Blog and for letting me give that beautiful mermaid a new home However I cannot seem to use outlook emails is there anyway you could send me your email so I could forward details onto you .
ps I love the frames and the Little light play is fab
Fuchsia x