Friday, 4 June 2010

Delayed WOYWWAC and I love Ebay

Hay there you..Hope you've been enjoying the glorious weather we've been blessed with just lately.
I finally finished my anniversary piece for the woyww challenge.. if you visit often you will know i wrote a poem for the event but ran out of time to make it into something.. well its now on canvas.. some words were changed/cut from the original to make it fit and flow better and it looks like this..
It took an absolute age to cut out all the words but i really like the finished piece which is already hanging in my craft space.
Talking of craft spaces mine just got that little bit smaller {but only for a short time}!!!
What i hear you ask.. well i've decided to have a bit of a move around when i'm on holiday at the end of the month..and was just looking into units and what not that i might like in my new space.. i has seen some ikea storage that was nice but kinda pricey.. so just on the off chance.. not expection much i hopped onto ebay.. and there they were not 1 but 2 at a cost of less than 1 new one...AND just down the road {they were pick up only}..I couldn't believe my luck.. It was a tense couple of days wait for the auction to end but i was the only bidder thank goodness and now there here with me.
WHOOP WHOOP i'm just sooooo happy.. Is that really sad.. that im so happy about storage.. well i dont care coz i am and i can't help it lol
Roll on holiday time so i can fit them into my new space properly {they are already in and full i might add but its made the room extra cosy shall we say PMSL}
Enjoy the sunshine, lets hope it lasts all weekend!
♥ HUGZ ♥


Jingle said...

Your poem wall hanging is wonderful! I love finding great deals on ebay! That is a great one!

Spyder said...

Your wall hanging is fabulous!! (I won't rhyme...this time...) :o)
Love your new draws! You lucky devil!!
My pen spinner looked so much better in my head!

sam21ski said...

Fab canvas Nicky, lovely poem

Well done on your Ebay find, some fba bargains to be had, you know what they say someone else's junk is someones else's treasures!!!!

Darcy said...

gorgeous canvas, it all turned out really nice. I love the muted colours.

I have seen those drawers in real life, in Ikea and in a friends craft room, so I know how utterly perfect they are. enjoy your new storage.x

Gez said...

Woohoo great storage. It was meant to be. :) Have fun filling them. I love, love, love your canvas. What a lovely keepsake. Your stamping is FAB & my washing machine got a mention!!
Hope you have a lovely weekend. Gez.xx

Shazza said...

your wall hanigng is gorgeous Minxy, love it. Also loving your new bargain storage, I could do with some of that. Enjo y your new space

Bettythebaglady said...

And the trophy for biggest dimwit goes to-----Betty. Found it-and storage too. I'm always obsessing about storage-don't think you're alone there. Hugs BettyXXXX

Effie said...

Fab storage....... one day I will get organised!

Sid said...

Love your canvas and what a load of patience you must have to cut out and attach all those individual words ! Love your storage too !!

Rosie said...

What a great find, you were meant to have those drawers - perfect for stamps and stuff! Love your poem for the WOYWW anniversary - I've only just managed to upload my effort, so you're not alone in being late ....

Anonymous said...

Brilliant canvas & lovely drawers dear!! Love your poem! xx

Sheilagh (60 x60) said...

I love my Alex drawers:)
They hold all my stamps and more.

Your canva's is Fabulous!!

Thanks for dropping by.


Sam Poole Designs said...

That was abit of luck! I too have been eyeing up the same storage...but not willing to part with that amount of money lol x