Friday, 12 March 2010

Fairy Light Necklace. And a lesson learned!

Just thougt i'd share a little project i created using old fairy light bulbs.
Wrapped with copper wire and attached to a paramid of jump rings i created a fun yet very different altered necklace and matching earrings set.
Whatta think? Have i completely lost the plot... there's more to come you know.. watch this space for another necklace and also some charms!
Now on a completly different note: I was having a little fiddle with my blogger template as you may have noticed. {I now have 3 columns instead of 2}.
I'm not really that computer friendly but I have picked up the odd bit of knowledge here and there,{ok more a hit and hope speciality} but i  figured what would be the harm.. if i saved my template first everything would be fine, i could just re-load should i make a big hash of it!
Oh how wrong could i be!!!
 To start i had a few minor hick-ups but was feeling rather chuffed with myself by the end that i managed to get it just how i wanted it, so i saved it.. clicked to view it and thats then it hits me.....
Where were my blogroll lists?? The title was there, but all my favourite places to visit were GONE!!!
Ok ok.. so i think this can be sorted, no worries,  i'll just fall back on the saved template and leave well alone..
Nothing.. naddah, not a darn thing...seems the dame saved template saves everything BUT your blog lists.
How gutted was i.. all my lovely favs..GONE.
I spent the next several million hours trying to find them...I know some are still missing, probably will be forever.. i just cant remember them all!
Moral of story...
DONT play with things you don't really understand!
Bit like matches, but with less flames!!!
Ta ra for now
♥ HUGZ ♥


sam21ski said...

LOL - You really are a plonker!!!!

Love the jewellery though, fab idea to use 'fairy' light bulbs!!!!


Heavenly Anarchist said...

Fab necklace, really edgey.
Thing of this as an oppotunity to browse and discover new blogs :)

Angelnorth said...

I'm with Annie - an opportunity rather than a loss! The necklace is a really creative approach to recycling, great idea!

Sid said...

How traumatic ! The lightbulbs are certainly VERY different too.

Hels Sheridan said...

Gorgeouslllllly yummy necklace hun...and...thank goodness you didn't tell me to change my blog about...cos I am as thick as moo cow poo and would have probably ended up deleting the whole thing ROFL Like the new look though hun....hugsx

Julia Dunnit said...

Yeha I lost mine the same way!! BUT it was so long and went so far down the page on a 3 column that it wasn't doing anyone any good. I have a 3 coulmn template and for me the drawback isit makes your posts look v e r y long...and I can tell from comments that peole don't read it all...But I do change it quite a lot now, because I can! Oh and I like the jewellery - do more!