Monday, 12 January 2009

Mirror Mirror

Just a quick post today to show my first attempt at using Ten Second Studio metal sheets.

I decided to try and cover a mirror frame i had. And can i just say now.. NEVER AGAIN lol
Not having a clue what i was doing, trust me to pick something that was way beyond my limits.
OMG this piece was a total nightmare from start to finish, from sticking the metal on to finishing it, whatever could of gone wrong, i think did, but i stuck with it and i did finally end up with a somewhat OK piece!
{i wont bore you with all the details of how i messed this up as I'd be here a very long time}
Just that i placed some die cut letters onto the frame and then covered with the metal.
Rubbed over where the letters were to make them pop out of the metal. Then bashed the hell out of the whole piece with TH texture hammer, and finished with alcohol inks.
I'm defiantly no Cheryl Darrow but i finally have the right tools so hopefully my next experience with metal will be a better one lol.
All feedback good or bad would be greatly appricated as need all the help i can with this metal melarky!
xx Hugz xx


* Shaz * said...

Gorgeous Nicky really really stunning xx

Jennie said...

never say never, all art is a learning curve :) and it looks good.

crafty creations said...

Wow Nicky it's amazing - I think you did a brilliant job of it

lesleyanne said...

not tried anything like this
but i think it looks fab x

Hels said...

Hey you , I love it - nowt wrong with it at all!! I like the idea of bashing with hammer, I love doing that to tins and stuff!!! Hugs hun xx

Anonymous said...

Glad you stuck with it, it's fabulous! xx

Marie Reed said...

Glad to hear some honesty that it wasn't an easy project!

Agnes the Red said...

Looking pretty good from where I'm sitting! Don't give up on the metalcrafting just yet....the right tools are def the right way to go about it. I tried awhile back with 'alternative bits and bobs' and the look just wasn't there. I've got the correct tools now and it makes the world of difference. Tomorrow I'm uploading a piece I made today and there'll be one of my tutorials on 10SS techniques coming keep ya eyes peeled Nicky.
Ange x

Ann said...

Looks Absolutely Fabulous to me Darling!! You're being too hard on yourself Nicky, It's fantastic!! xxx

Andrea said...

well it looks great Nicky and your works always inventive, you are very talented, do not think I will try it though xx

Juanita said...

I don't know what the mirror would like like in your head, but here on the blog I think it turned out really great.
Did you leave the mirror in the frame while you worked on it? Cuz then you could craft & look at yourself at the same time!

DF - Heidi said...

nicky stick at it, if i had made this as my first piece i would be well chuffed

Linda said...

Well I think its great Nicky - fitting metal round those inside curves must have been very tricky! I also had metal and tools from TSS for Christmas; must find time to have a go...
Linda :-)