Friday, 18 July 2008


Hiya All
Just wanted to say sorry i haven't managed to post anything of late.
I have had a heck of a few weeks, what with returning back to work after 6 weeks off due to my Operation and then having news that there are going to be 250 redundancies made, the future has me a tad worried.
Then there's been the double glazing that's just been fitted, so major clean up after they left, worth it mind, as it looks proper pukka now.
I have just had no time for me really. And alas my MOJO has done a runner... nowhere to be found lately..... I did make a pocket for Hel's In My Pocket challenge...little birds... but forgot to take pics and now another week has passed and it's a new prompt.
well here it is anyway, better late than never lol

Oh and speaking of Hel's if you don't already know she has her very own stamps called STITCHELS, and they're available to buy now from The Artistic Stamper. Go on take a peek, you know you want to!! lol
Anyway, i just wanted you all to know I'm still about, just nowhere near as much as i would like!


P.S. Should any of you happen to spot my MOJO i would be greatful if you could send it home, thanks xx lol


Juanita said...

I was wondering where you were, I imagined a fab holiday. Sorry it was jsut a busy life. Hope to see a creation soon.

Sue said...

Hi Nicky - glad to see you back. Like Juanita thought you were on some fabulous exotic holiday - lol. Glad you're better and I really hope the job thing goes OK for you - but at least you will be warm for the winter!!! Take care...

craftypixie said...

Hey babe busy bee :0
we ok ta Colin goes to take stitches out Mon hopefully then re plaster his hand
Hope your job safe and all will be ok
you got your mojo back yet? of so can you give it me haha
Wendy x

Andrea said...

nicky great to see you back and take care, love the pocket x

Anonymous said...

Fab pocket Nicky - love the cheeky parrot!! Hope things calm down a bit and your MOJO returns soon! x

Hels said...

Aharrrrr, Pieces of this Pocket Minxy, thanks for joingin in hun and I hope your Mojo is home....I reckon yours and mine have cleared off on holiday together, they are probably sitting on a beach, sipping Pina Colada's and laughing at us!!!! Hope all is getting easier for you and as for the job situation...big hug here if you need me xxxx

Kate T said...

look at that parrot!!! so sweet.
love Kate xxxx
SBS19 Sister

Ann said...

Loving this Minxy!! If you find your mojo will you ask it if it's seen mine?? LOL!!! xxx