Saturday, 24 May 2008

I got my 1st award

I would just like to say a
to Claire
for my very first award
I'm well chuffed
You Rock too hunny xxx
I dont know what the score is with passing on awards so i shall just pass it on to
1 other who's blog i think rocks - LindaE - who in turn can do the same,
think thats fair.
(sorry if it's not done this way, i'm relativity new to all this blog lark)


Linda Elbourne said...

OMG Nic - an award - What can I say? Thank you XXX
I would just like to thank a few more people that have made this possible. Thank you to my family - it is through their hard work in trying to get me committed that has made my art what it is today. I would also like to Thank my hairdresser, Had she not made me look like Doris Day I would not have had to stay in for weeks and busy myself crafting. Finally I would also like to thank the bin men for relocating the less than decent pieces of art that I make. Thank you all XXX

Andrea said...

i have something for you on my blog, if you can understand what I wrote LOL xx