Monday, 23 September 2013

Ally Pally Weekend

So I just had a fab fun weekend spent at the big stamp and scrapbooking show.
My darling Mummy made this weekend possible and I thank her muchly as I love meeting up with friends old and new xo I just wish everyone didn't live so far apart.. But anywhoooooo.
The first thing was to get this shot

Then the hordes arrived and took over the PA stand..

Leandra and Lin were straight into demoing the fab new paint colours and new stampage..

And Gillian was showing off her samples getting Lin to shop shop shop lol

Helen and Lin B on their phones while Lin and Anna just mill about.
Then I headed over to annoy Sam Poole and the MDF man.

I only managed 1 shot of the #PAtwit meet up we had after the show on Saturday, Not as many as in april but it was still nice to rest the feet and have a little natter with everyone before heading home.

On sunday I managed to snap Don and Val of Snazzy's before things got going

Here is Gilly and Leandra ready for their day of demo's

The calm didn't last long as soon it was busy busy 

The crowds gather

To the point I couldn't get near.. Gilly was in her element!

Me and my pint size pal Alison... {she's on her tiptoes you know lol}

Then I found Lucy and Lin mooching at the PA stand once it had quietened down.

And that was all the pics I got.. I was too busy nattering and watching demos oh and a smidge of shopping
The pics came out a bit fuzzy but i'll share um anyway.. I also got a tray, set of draws and lots of hardware from the MDF man but forgot to take a pic.

So that was my weekend.. How was yours?
Stay Inky
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Carol Q said...

bet you all had a fab time. didn't dare come as the budget wouldn't allow it! lol

Astrid Maclean said...

Looks like loads of fun and some fab looking goodies!! Wished I'd been there... :o(

Von said...

Glad you had a fab weekend Nicky can't wait to see what you create :)
Von ♥

Siobhan Brignull said...

lucky you looks like a great day, was gonna come to the autumn one this year but time just run away with me and then it was too late, loving your stash. x

Unknown said...

I really must get myself to somewhere but it's such an expensive journey from Durham :( want to meet everyone

Helen said...

There was you saying you'd not done any shopping - like I believed you, LOL! It was fab to see you again - enjoy the week with your mum and take care. Love the photos. xx

craftytrog said...

I just love that photo....not!!! Cheeky! Lovely to see you dearie xxx

butterfly said...

It all looks so much fun! Thank you for sharing your fab photos... really catching the atmosphere. And that looks like a brilliant haul to play with too! Fingers crossed I'll make it along next time...
Alison x

Julie Lee said...

You really captured the atmosphere in these fabulous pics!What a lovely one of you and Gillian! It was great to meet you on Sunday - my first Ally Pally! I hope we shall meet again. Enjoy creating with the lovely things you bought! Julie Ann xx

Unknown said...

Thanks for the great pictures, Gillian was fab and I am still thinking of her postcard creations.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the lovely photos. Gillian was fabulous and I am still thinking about her postcard design using darcy's stamps. Christine

Artyjen said...

Ooh that looks so much fun. I really, really need to see ally pally one day soon!!!
xoxo Sioux

Moonrose said...

Looks like you all had a load of fun. xxx