Wednesday, 6 March 2013

woyww 196

Sorry WOYWWers
This will be the quickest desk post in history.. I woke up late, I have a driving lesson in 5 minutes and here is my un-inspiring desk

Sorry for the bad pic, it's done with my overhead webcam.
I'll try and get a better pic later when i'm back from my lesson.{This is now the updated pic, with extra cuppa and stencil designs i'm about to cut with the help of a junk mail catalogue, Because I have no funds right now i'm making my own. You just find the poses you like, cut them out, paint them black to see how they will look and then they're ready to hand cut out of plastic, I use thin divider folders}
As for the poppies from last week if you wanna see what happened to them they are HERE.
Right I gotta go.. Catch ya all later x
Stay Inky
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Helen said...

wow, that was a flying visit! will keep my comment short too, lol!! Helen, 8

Winnie said...

Looks very neat and ready to go for your next project. Love your journal! I popped over and saw your amazing poppy piece. Loe them! Enjoy the day! Winnie#78

Neil said...

Hi there, thanks for the peek into your creative world this week. Life in the fast lane.......
Neil #23

Heather Alger said...

Lots on the desk and your Poppy project tuned out Great. The colours work beautifully - Fab creativity x
Happy WOYWW Heather #59

Gibby Frogett said...

Not uninspiring at all - love your art journal page.. had a look also at your fabulous Poppy project - its brilliant. Good luck with the driving lesson. Happy WOYWW Gill x #45

Ria Gall said...

your Poppy's are amazing such a beautiful card
Good luck with your driving lesson
Have a great WOYWW thank you for sharing your workspace today
Ria #39

Craftychris said...

Your page is looking good and I have been to see your stunning poppy canvas. I hope your driving lesson went well xx #100

Krisha said...

Hi Minxy,
Love what you have started on your journal page, can't wait to see the finished project.
Krisha #126

SueH said...

It seems a lot of us have been taken by surprise this morning.
The page in your journal is looking very interesting and I love what you did with your poppies from last week. I’ve been looking for some inspiration using poppies because I want to use them on a page in my heritage album.
Happy Crafting!
Sue @86

Fandhmum said...

Your art journal looks great, good luch with the driving,
Rosie x

Bella said...

I am all for making my own stuff that does not cost the earth! well done to you, I like this idea. When is the driving test?

Julia Dunnit said...

Great idea for the stencils..figures seem to be uber popular right now. Hope the late start didn't affect your driving mood!

happyDiane said...

As normal, you are my inspiration!

Carolyn Phillips said...

Love what you did with the poppies and what a great idea for your own stencils.
Carolyn 148

CraftygasheadZo said...

Great idea for the stencils, hope the driving went well. I'm just starting my desk visiting as I rested yesterday so I could go to footy last night. We won! So I am a very happy Zoe today. Take care Zo xx 92

RosC said...

Hi Minxy,

It's a while since I visited you. Oh dear! Sorry about that.

I like making my own stencils too. Yours are quite a bit more interesting than I've ever done though. A cuppa is a great help too, and I skipped over to see the poppies. They're very effective. Lovely work.

Ros. #89

April Story said...

I like the homemade silhouettes - very cool. And I so love what you did with the poppies. Poppies are so pretty - they're my favorite.
April #145

Kyla said...

Love the poppies from last week. I too made my own figure stencils a few weeks back I am finding them really versatile. I will be interested to see what you do with them (something great no doubt)

kyla 151