Friday, 30 November 2012

Tick Tick Drip Drip

OK... So i'm not entirely sure where the past 2 weeks have disappeared to.
I know I have been feeling a little anti-social but 2 weeks!!!
Probably had a little to do with being on flood watch for a week, The local river was at an all time high threatening to take over the town at any minute
as you can see even the life buoy is outta reach.
Thankfully that didn't happen, although some local businesses were affected and the surrounding area's turned into one big lake.
Lucky for me i'm on slightly higher ground, but had the worst happened our town would of been cut off from civilization!!
Ah the joys of countryside living lol
So I haven't been very crafty of late, I am working on my latest DT projects but you'll have to wait a couple of weeks to see them.
Hopefully i'll have something a bit more exciting to show you in the next day or 2.
Thanks for continuing to follow me and my blog, I'm greatful to each of you who takes the time to visit me xx
Stay Inky
♥ HUGZ ♥


craftimamma said...

Thanks for sharing the photos Nicky. You already know I was a tad worried about you but I can understand why crafting has taken a bit of a backseat for a little while. I'm sure you'll be back on track very soon.

Lesley Xx

Helen said...

Glad you've survived, it was dreadful watching on the news. Luckily it was just wet here! Hope you get inky again soon.

france papillon said...

i missed you and i'm happy to know what you've been up to! those photos are impressive. i'm happy we're only surrounded by meadows!
wishing you lots of inkyness in the near future hon :)

big hugs,

Lucy Edmondson said...

So glad you are ok. Your work is beyond gorgeous so hope to see some more of it soon,

Lucy x

sam21ski said...

Glad you've managed to stay safe.

Happy crafting xxx

inkypinkycraft said...

Glad you are safe, your photography is fab!
Take care hugs trace x

Keren Howell said...

I'm only too aware of what it's like to be on fllod alert, as my childhood home was literally on the bank of a river and we were flooded on one occasion. We moved when I was 13 but it was many years before I stopped worrying about heavy rain. Keep afe. Hugs, Keren

butterfly said...

I can completely see why you've been preoccupied... Even as Nature is being very frightening, that very power can also have such beauty - thank you for sharing the pictures. Look forward to seeing the DT work once you're back on a crafty track!
Alison xx