Monday, 1 October 2012

Lung Time No See

Excuse the title pun but as some of you may already know the reason i've been awol for a couple of weeks is coz my lovely body decided it would play a joke on me.
I ended up in A&E for the 3rd year running in September with my lung.
Luckly this time the op I had seems to be working and what I experienced was all the pain and suffering of a collapsed lung without it actually happening!!! WTF I hear you ask, I know I couldn't quite believe it myself, but for some reason the nerves remember the pain and let me re-live it.. OH JOY
On the plus side it was just pain and with the help of meds i'm now feeling alot better {well apart from the killer cold that also decided to drop by and visit me to cheer me up, lol}
So anyway.. I'm slowly shaking myself down, dusting myself off and getting back into the crafty swing of things.
And that starts with this sneeky peek of my latest Snazzy DT piece
which you can see in all it's splender HERE
Hopefully there will be a bit more arty goodness for you to see if my mojo behaves, sooner rather than later.
Stay Inky
♥ HUGZ ♥


shirley said...

Sorry to hear you have been unwell Minxy. Glad you are okay now. Looking forward to seeing what your mojo creates :)

Astrid Maclean said...

Fab piece and so glad you are feeling a bit better again!!

Artyjen said...

So sorry to hear you have been unwell again! Hope you feel on top form real soon ;) Hugs
xoxo Sioux

snazzyoriginal said...

Loved the DT project and glad to hear you are on the mend xx

Sherry said...

Sorry to hear you've been poorly again Minxy and hope you recover fully very soon. Take care xxxxxx

france papillon said...

off to check the rest of your piece on snazzy, but boy am i happy you're back amongst the living!
i hope your cold will find someone else to bother very quickly now that your long is behaving. Sending you huge healing hugs!

xx france

craftimamma said...

That sounds like a horrible thing to have to endure Minxy. Glad you're starting to feel better now. Looking at your brilliant DT piece no one would know you've been so poorly/. It's fabulous and I keep going back for another look.

Lesley xX

Anonymous said...

Oh no! Not again! Been thinking of you, & wondering how your interview went, but I'm guessing that didn't happen. Wishing you a very speedy recovery sweetie xxx

Morti said...

Oh bless, Nicky! You are having a rough time of it... Hope you feel better soon hun x

Julia Dunnit said...

Wow, Minxy, how horrid, am so sorry to read of this...a bit scared too, huh. Shake off that cold and feel better soon, please!

butterfly said...

It all sounds awful - please take your time getting properly better... sounds like your body is sending some messages about wanting some rest! Having said that, it's brilliant that you're back at the craft desk, and what a fabulous piece of work over at Snazzy!!
Alison x

Gillian said...

Ah poor Minxy, so sorry to hear you have been back into hospital, and hope you are feeling much better now....sending love and lots of VERY gentle hugs your way.
Take care xxxx