Friday, 15 May 2009

Sid's Fabric brooch swap!

Over at UK Stamper i'm taking part in Sid's fabric brooch swap.
We all had to gather 6 4x4 squares to swap, and then with what we received back we had to make a brooch... now to be honest i did struggle with this and didn't think i'd end up joining in as my mind was a blank... but luck had it and only a week b4 deadline a light bulb appeared above my head.. so i got to making straight away...
and this is what i created...

All i did was to make a cardboard body, and i sewed a strip of each fabric together to make up a mini dress, i wrapped it round the body shape and glued in place, backing it with a mirrored image piece of card to hide all the lose ends and for somewhere to attach to the clip. I left the prettiest fabric as the skirt..quite simple really but i think it looks cool, although a somewhat larger brooch! {think it was about 2"x 4" when finished, and that's not including the skirt train}


Not sure if its something i would wear but Mannie got quite attached..

I eventually managed to prize it away and get it posted to Sid :O)
I hope whoever gets it likes what i've done xxx

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Anonymous said...

This looks fabulous mate! Wish I was in it to win it, but I didn't spot this swap till it was too late!! xx