Saturday, 28 March 2009

You made my day

Just wanted to say a big big thanks to all who were kind enough to send me a birthday card

This is the fantastic card my partner Tony made me,

and below are all the rest i recieved

My thanks in no particular order go out to Hels, Alison, Claire, Linda, Andrea, Tracey, Joy, Sam, Rachel, Hilda, Claire, Shazza, Bee, Karen, Shaz, Wendy, Gillian, Chrissie and Ange.

Each and ever one made my day just that little bit more special
Thank You xx


sam21ski said...

WOW Well done with the cards and how fantastic that your partner 'made' you a card, I'm lucky if I get a shop bought one!!!!

Anonymous said...

You're welcome hun, glad you had a lovely day! What a lovely lot of cards you got, and Tony's one is amazing! x

Agnes the Red said...

WOW...clever clever Tony...that origami work is divine! you're one lucky gal having a partner who'll make you a card.

Well done with all the cards you got...and sooo glad you had a great day!
Ange x